The U.S. would have continued to supply Britain and the Soviet Union with war material, potentially with somewhat more secure lines of supply, especially if the Germans continued to avoid attacks along the Atlantic seaboard. Ours is solely defense. Starting the war on German terms, before the U.S. was prepared to effectively defend itself, was the consensus position within the German political and military elite. The United States and Germany were at war in all but name well before December 1941. They will protect them from submarines; they will protect them from surface raiders. It is no act of war on our part when we decide to protect the seas that are vital to American defense. That would not be my primary choice of quote, but interesting nonetheless.

Newsletter, England expects that every man will do his duty. You must log in or register to reply here. There are two possible reactions to more Reuben James attacks.

The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply., 1945 (the Gingrich and Forstchen novel) is an alternative history novel in which der fuhrer was recovering from a place crash and didnt declare war on us on Dec11. Ultimately it would make Roosevelt the aggressor, and it's highly unlikely congress would have agreed.

U.S. participation in the Combined Bomber Offensive (CBO), designed to destroy German industry and morale and drive the Third Reich from the war, might also have developed more slowly.

They had some relatively strong connections, and some sympathetic political parties in power. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force quickly dispatched advisors to the United States in an effort to staunch the bleeding, but 1942 nevertheless proved the most devastating year of the war for shipping losses. Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease?

Without US support there is no way the UK is going to countenance Overlord, we lacked the force projection might and quite probably as a result of this, we would be too cautious. What if Germany had never declared war on the United States during World War II? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Would the US have declared war on Germany?
In 1937 Japan didn't actually want to antagonize Britain until London condemned them. Supply convoys and their escorts fall far short of the efforts employed after Germany declared war. The United States and Germany were at war in all but name well before December 1941. Was the decision to declare war on the United States, effectively relieving the Roosevelt administration of the responsibility of mobilizing American sentiment for war in Europe, among Hitler’s greatest blunders? The US was already effectively at war in the Atlantic supplying the British with millions of dollars worth of war material, US public opinion had turned against isolation and propaganda had painted the Germans and Japanese as one in the same. Fantasy General II - Twitch Let's Play series announced! If Hitler didn’t declare war on the US in the winter of 1941 and made it his goal to avoid conflict with America how long would it have been until the US declared war on Germany and under what circumstances? I saw generals create imaginary "masses of manoeuvre" with a crayon and dispose of enemy concentrations, that were on the ground and on the map, with an eraser.

American soldiers, sailors, and airmen served in the British armed forces, albeit not in great numbers. his idea that Germany can be like "we condemn the actions of Japan" And then the US Congress goes.

offensive combat. Over time, the U.S. built up an enormous advantage over the Japanese; this would have happened even more quickly with a smaller commitment to Europe. Japans relationship with the world is changed and that likely butterflies the war as we know it. Scholars and analysts have long wondered whether this represented one of the great “what-ifs” of World War II; could the Germans have kept the United States out of the war, or at least undercut popular support for fighting in the European Theater, by declining to join the Japanese offensive? The US isn't stupid and Germany isn't going to throw one of their only allies under the bus to try and alleviate a situation they know is going to happen anyway (hence you know, the declaration of war otl).
And in the late summer of 1941, the United States effectively found itself at war in the Battle of the Atlantic. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? In the meantime though for all practical means they'd already be at war. The Axis had already struck the first blow, US entry against Germany was inevitable. Assuming war breaks out in Europe the same way, why would the US declare war against Germany if they weren't affiliated with Japan? Such a POD four years back alters the politics of Japan.

On this day, Adolf Hitler declares war on the United States, bringing America, which had been neutral, into the European conflict. Perhaps the biggest “what-if” of them all. The Colonials strike back! That means, very simply, very clearly, that our patrolling vessels and planes will protect all merchant ships -- not only American ships but ships of any flag -- engaged in commerce in our defensive waters. As others have said given the undeclared war in the Atlantic, purely a matter of time. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? By December 7, 1941, the writing was on the wall for American involvement in the European war. Chickenboy-> RE: Would the US have declared war on Germany?

Scott, also my opinion; hence I voted that US would declare war. His aim was a European war. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Not really, isolationism was still relatively strong. How could you justify stating Germany is a security threat, when they had nothing to do with Japan? How long will the footprints on the moon last? Although I doubt it would take longer than three months, at most within a year there'd be some incident which led to a declaration of war from the US.

Richard Hill's *Hitler Attacks Pearl Harbor* is good at documenting this. The U.S. had intervened in 1917 on behalf of Russia, France, and the United Kingdom; it was almost certain to do so again. The German tactics were devastatingly effective against a U.S. military that lacked good tactics, equipment, and procedures for fighting the U-boats. Assuming war breaks out in Europe the same way, why would the US declare war against Germany if they weren't affiliated with Japan? UK industry could not support its hugely expanding army and air force, so they were buying hundreds of millions of dollars of material from the US. JavaScript is disabled. In the real war, U.S. air, naval, and ground forces made their first decisive contribution in the Mediterranean. Navy, © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. If Hitler either didn't ally with with the Japanese originally, or completely declared war on him he may have prevented American intervention. And so Germany declared war on the United States not out of a fit of pique, but rather because it believed that the United States was already effectively a belligerent, and that wider operations against the U.S. would help win the war.

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