The sky is the limit if I stay focused. I want to be a champion for Main Events like Fernando Vargas and Arturo Gatti.

Mayweather will stop Judah in his tracks. He was at the top of his game. The difference is still fifteen pounds less pop. It will be wild for as long as it lasts. I wanted to give a world championship performance to help put behind me what happened after that fight. He likes to go into his shell, but And, the excellent defensive tactics of Wright keeping his gloves high and his elbows in making him difficult to hit, befuddled Trinidad the whole night. He won’t underestimate me the next time.”, UNDISPUTED WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (IBF MANDATORY)ZAB “SUPER” JUDAH VS. COSME RIVERA. Calzaghe gets the chance to prove his considerable home-based reputation once and for all, but if Lacy creams him as we expect, that glossy record will be severely tarnished. This might not be the most artful fight of the new season, but it could well be the most grueling, and the closest. I have been calling them out forever. Any subsequent drops will probably be cheered. And if they think they’re going to. The Floridian had humble beginnings, though. what Bernard gives, mentally or physically.

Mayweather should be around a 4-1 favorite.

March 11th has the Ides of history to beware for at least one old lion, with farewell (we’ll see) fireworks featuring Roy Jones Jr. against Bernard Hopkins. the dressing room too, having taken solid steps toward recovery. De La Hoya has not only the boxing skill to negate Mayorga’s offense, but enough power to end it early. There’s plenty of good stuff here, but what really jumped out for me is Lichtenfeld’s opinion that a win over Zab Judah could have Floyd Mayweather knocking on the door of all-time great status. I hit him in the face. I’ve got a new body now, and it’s like driving a new car.”, Boxing needs the time comes.”. He never fought “The Golden Boy.”, “It was more than just the money,” he said, “it was to beat The Golden Boy at a time when the only people he’d lost to were Shane and Tito and I beat those two dudes. The case returns to court next month. I will work hard to regain my contender status.”, DON KING“We want to fight whoever is there. They may both expect easy marks.

First up, Showtime presents the Jose Luis Castillo – Diego Corrales tiebreaker from El Paso on Feb 4th. Next time may be different. We want to fight Hopkins. I apologize for that. WINKY WRIGHT“I moved up to middleweight. Winky Wright was a puzzle few wanted to tackle when he was in his prime. Julio Cesar Vasquez: Not muscle-bound strong, just strong. I came in at the best condition ever and I couldn’t land any power punches because I was being cautious in not losing any points. He is one of the best Puerto Rican fighters to step in the ring. Artful Raheem will get a spot on the undercard and hope his patience is rewarded.

: A Blockbuster TSS Survey, Avila Perspective. I’ve had great training for this fight and feel very confident. The Guardian reports that talks have already taken place between Nicolay Valuev‘s co-promoters – Don King and Wilfried Sauerland – and Danny Williams‘ promoter Frank Warren for Nicolay Valuev to face Danny Williams. It’s hard to imagine Mosley getting stopped early, but Vargas doesn’t have to hurt him, he just has to knock him down three times.

In boxing that disclaimer may be a stretch, since the sideshow is part of the act and the charm. On March 18th, James Toney meets Hasim Rahman in another pairing of seasoned war-horses. Wright first walked away from the sport in 2007 after losing to Bernard Hopkins but returned in 2009, only to lose a one-sided decision to Paul Williams. He was one that moved a lot. All rights reserved. A motivated Calzaghe, songs of England ringing in his ears, could pull a big surprise if he can exploit Lacy’s relatively limited technical development, but that’s a longshot indeed.
All rights reserved. He’d try to take you out of your game and make you fight his game. He then stopped William Joppy to win the WBA middleweight belt in his home-away-from-home, Madison Square Garden in New York, giving him a world title in a third weight class. Richardson covered his chest and. February features four of the game’s most enduring attractions, in a pair of crucial matchups. fight hard and we’re going to finish this fight hard right up until the last In 2004, the Boxing Writers Association of America honored Hauser with the Nat Fleischer Award for career excellence in boxing journalism. Things don’t look to be bogged down by undetermined championships next year. “This was not a fight I picked. Regarding the result, Castillo keeps the pressure on as he did in the second fight, but he’ll walk into trouble from a more reserved Corrales. This bout was signed quickly as each principal, usually sticklers for favorable contract clauses, agreed to parity in a demonstration of businessman first and fighter second. He is a two-time light middleweight world champion and remains the last to hold the undisputed title at that weight. Respectable as he is, Taylor still falls short of the level of Tarver, at least for now. March 25 features Marco Antonio Barrera, probably the strongest overall claimant to 130 pound honors. Ike Quartey: He had a good defense. I have grown up a lot. Chap.

Don King jumps right out of the auld lang gate with a January 7th Showtime card featuring Zab Judah against Carlos Baldomir and Jean-Marc Mormeck in a cruiserweight unification against O’Neil Bell. I kept moving to avoid the hook.

Shane Mosley: He was the best boxer. He is a great fighter and he’s strong. good and he was moving well although there was still some weakness on his left Wright finished 51 – 6 – 1 and was inducted into the international Boxing Hall of Fame in 2017. inside. This is another pick ‘em pair, barring any sideshow. “I’m landed punches every five to 10 seconds on every opponent, and Bernard’s not © 2020 RING TV LIVE. FELIX “TITO” TRINIDAD“The fighter who beats me in the ring has to be one of the best in the world and Wright is one of the best. The only difference is I know how to get through it and around it. Ronald Lamont “Winky” Wright (born November 26, 1971) is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1990 to 2012. It was more of a quick knockdown. Luckily I never got hit and hurt where I couldn’t finish. Let’s hope when they meet in the ring, they restore some of the fire missing from the heavyweights in ‘05. Powered by IBofP © 2020 (More Boxing News Links at If anybody else with proper qualifications signs up to force the issue, all the better. It will be quite a feat if Hopkins can stay in the fight, even at Jones’s advanced age. The history books will show this as a climactic career bout between Hall of Famers. My thinking is that fights are won in the gym and complete preparation is the key.”, When asked about his being mentioned by Dan Rafael, ESPN’s boxing writer as one of the top prospect’s in the boxing world the 23-year-old San Antonio native said, ‘It’s a great compliment, but I still have much work to do. February also holds a better late than never affair between two perennial favorites as Shane Mosley collides with Fernando Vargas on the 25th. Photo from The Ring archive. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Pro boxing, like many sports, had its share of problems during 2005, but there were also many positives. This fight could lead to a winning ticket in the Golden Boy sweepstakes for a fall bonanza against Oscar De La Hoya. don’t blame the judge,” he said later. Wright showed his jab, and Hopkins was Photo from The Ring archive.
Advantage Rahman. been hospitalised for five weeks after suffering a stroke. Toney might have an edge in recent form, but Rahman shows fine tuning he previously lacked. Watch Queue Queue. “So I shut out the Referee Robert Each time he steps in the ring, it’s like his first sense using up energy now,” he said. guy who comes to blast you out of there,” Bernard said. On March 4th Joe Calzaghe welcomes Jeff Lacy to Manchester UK for what may be the biggest blowout of the headlining bunch.

He was a big guy. The winner of this fight tonight should meet Hopkins.”, Analyzing Trinidad-Wright, with a Bit of “Body Shots” Thrown In for Good Measure, A Shot of Boxing on the Last Day of the Year. It was the start of a fantastic run that saw Trinidad become one of the most popular fighters of his generation – in Puerto Rico and beyond – because of his success, exciting fighting style, charisma and humility. Tony Yoka Makes Quick Work of Duhaupas; Yoka’s Wife Wins Too, Jermell Charlo Unifies Super Welterweights Via Solar Plexus Punch, Erickson Lubin Wins, But Misplaced His Hammer, Jose Zepeda Wins Knockdown Battle with Ivan Baranchyk at the MGM Bubble, Will The Pandemic Hurt Boxing in the Long Term? Joel Julio vs. Roberto Kamya, ten rounds, welterweights, Raul Martinez vs. Andres Ledesma, eight rounds, bantamweights, Miguel Hernandez vs. Butch Hajicek, eight rounds, middleweights, David Pareja vs. Derek Andrews, eight rounds, light heavyweights, Mike Gonzales vs. Tony Kinney, four rounds, lightweights, Omar Reyes vs. Luis Navarro, five rounds, featherweights, Reynaldo Reyes vs. Ricardo Swift, four rounds, middleweights. In 2003 he made his debut on national television against Juan Carlos Candelo. “That was the game plan and I executed it perfectly. He returned once more, for the Quillin fight when he was 40, and then called it quits. I hit that dude with everything. Old Joe’s hometown advantage will last about two left hooks. Don King will deliver us another big fight. What weight they enter the ring at may have a lot to do with the result. “I wish I could have fought more often and got better fights,” Wright told THE RING. Hector Camacho Sr.: He was never knocked out in his whole career, and he fought good punchers.

One of the questions is whether or not he’ll be able to get under Oscar’s skin, and it might actually be entertaining to see the classy, model perfect De La Hoya show he’s human and freak out against the Nicaraguan maniac. It was my style that beat him.

With natural size, he may be able to do just that, but Mosley would have to box uncharacteristically flat. Hopkins is the senior at age 41 to Jones’s 37, but Roy seems more the grandpa figure, last seen hanging on against Antonio Tarver.

or Subscribe. Doors for this evening will open at 6pm with the first bell at 7pm. of age, he still had a nasty righthand lead that scored when Wright stood still Larios in the 10th round. rounds saw a lot of action with Wright forcing the pace. There are very few human beings who can give think violent.

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