Final product for this review was provided free by The Warner Archive Collection. YES; Subtitles: English (feature only) That means careful character development and movement, spiced with high spots of action, good drama and leavening comedy moments. Cinematographer Bert Glennon comes up with a number of impressive artistic compositions, although the film's biggest treat is seeing Ben Johnson given the opportunity to show off his sly charm and easygoing demeanor.

We offer high quality, and affordable: Cargo trailers, enclosed and open car haulers, vending and special events trailers, living quarter trailers, cattle trailers, and many other special trailers and parts. He'd worked with Glennon on five films between 1935 and 1939, including Stagecoach, for which both Ford and Glennon were nominated for Academy Awards. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. |, April 3, 2012 Western fans will hang on the visual purity of the images, while contemplating John Ford’s directorial decisions vis-a-vis his religious migrants, the Clanton-like outlaws and their patriarchal sociopath, and the gee-whiz purity of his heroes. Sandy discreetly courts young Prudence, and even ends up riding a wagon with her at the end of the film, which seems a rather tolerant interpretation of the creed. |, June 5, 2007 While it lasted. Repeated from the 2009 DVD is a special commentary track that fans of John Ford westerns will want to take in. The film is the outwardly simple tale of a Mormon wagon train headed for Utah. Won't Last Long! | Rating: 3/4 Your email address will not be published. Just confirm how you got your ticket. |. At its conclusion, the film incorporates a "spirited" rendition of the Mormon hymn, "Come, Come, Ye Saints". All goes well enough until the Cleggs, fleeing a posse from Crystal City, force themselves into the wagon train. Glenn Erickson answers most reader mail: Mormons crossing the desert are encumbered by show people and beset by a nasty outlaw family — but don’t worry ’cause the Sons of the Pioneers will still be singing backup for ‘The Chuckawalla Swing.’ Ford rodeo discovery Ben Johnson returns with Harry Carey Jr. and every other Ford stock player not nailed down, and the marvelously direct cinematography is keyed to Ford’s idealized vision of life on the frontier.

Crafty old Uncle Shiloh Clegg (Charles Kemper) can barely control his animalistic sons, one of whom puts the entire wagon train in danger when he rapes an Indian woman. Here’s where we find out what kind of film Ford makes when he has his way undisturbed by studio heads and bean counters — and the turns out to have a style resembling a silent movie.

The train surmounts an encounter with the posse, a washed out trail blocking the way west, and ultimately a violent confrontation with the homicidal Cleggs. "[6] The portrayal of community predominates over portrayals of individuals; thus Dennis Lim wrote, again in 2009, that "Wagon Master is at once the plainest and the fullest expression of Ford's great theme: the emergence of a community. The film's story is inspired by the 1879–1880 Mormon Hole in the Rock expedition, and Ford has been quoted as saying of the Mormons that "These are the people I want." Western. This may be the closest Ford ever got to making a musical. Wagon Master is indeed a slightly different take on the ‘communal experience’ of the standard wagon train epic. You're almost there!

/ Street Date August 13, 2019 / available through the WBshop / 21.99 |, September 20, 2009 [49], In 1998, the copyrights to both the original and colored versions of the film were donated to The Library of Congress, along with an original master reel copy of the film. Patrick Ford, a screenwriter and Ford's son, learned the history of the Mormon Hole in the Rock expedition (1879–1880) from some local Mormon horsemen. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Blu-ray rates: Ford’s Hollywood wranglers had forty years’ experience staging expressive western action, and the best of the best are on view here. Johnson’s Travis advises Elder Wiggs the way Johnson’s Sgt.

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