Family misfortunes. the joys that fortune brings,Are trifling and decay;And those who prize the paltry things,More trifling still than they. There are an hundred faults in this Thing, and an hundred thingsmight be said to prove them beauties.

0000060911 00000 n Why should not they dosomething as well as we? The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith, 1885, E. Stock edition, in English How well so ever I fanciedmy lectures against pride had conquered the vanity of mydaughters; yet I still found them secretly attached to all theirformer finery: they still loved laces, ribbands, bugles andcatgut; my wife herself retained a passion for her crimsonpaduasoy, because I formerly happened to say it became her. Afterthe dance had continued about an hour, the two ladies, who wereapprehensive of catching cold, moved to break up the ball. 'And what is friendship but a name,A charm that lulls to sleep;A shade that follows wealth or fame,But leaves the wretch to weep? As it is impossible, in this case, for the ladywho is up to face all the company at once, the great beauty ofthe play lies in hitting her a thump with the heel of the shoe onthat side least capable of making a defence. In this agreeable interval, mywife had the most lucky dreams in the world, which she took careto tell us every morning, with great solemnity and exactness. In this I satisfied him fully, not only mentioning myname and late misfortunes, but the place to which I was going toremove. But we could have borne all this, had not a fortune-tellinggypsey come to raise us into perfect sublimity.

Sheprided herself also upon being an excellent contriver in house-keeping; tho' I could never find that we grew richer with all hercontrivances. The Vicar of Wakefield PDF Since Adobe Systems introduced the The Vicar of Wakefield PDF in 1993, it's quickly become the number one worldwide doc format on the web. All my endeavours could scarce keep their dirty fingersfrom handling and tarnishing the lace on his cloaths, and liftingup the flaps of his pocket holes, to see what was there. A town wit described. �. Not, Madam,' continued she, 'that I in the least suspectthe young ladies virtue, prudence and discretion; but there is aform in these things, Madam, there is a form.'. 'Indeed, pappa,' repliedOlivia, 'she does not: I have read a great deal of controversy. Olivia,now about eighteen, had that luxuriancy of beauty with whichpainters generally draw Hebe; open, sprightly, and commanding.Sophia's features were not so striking at first; but often didmore certain execution; for they were soft, modest, and alluring.The one vanquished by a single blow, the other by effortssuccessfully repeated. My farmconsisted of about twenty acres of excellent land, having givenan hundred pound for my predecessor's good-will. Come, let us haveit then.' 'For shame fond youth thy sorrows hushAnd spurn the sex,' he said:But while he spoke a rising blushHis love-lorn guest betray'd. The vicar is well-off due to investing an inheritance he received from a deceased relative, and the vicar donates the 34 pounds that his job pays annually to local orphans and war veterans.

'And love is still an emptier sound,The modern fair one's jest:On earth unseen, or only foundTo warm the turtle's nest. 0000028886 00000 n When we were finished for the day, MrBurchell was invited as on the night before; but he refused, ashe was to lie that night at a neighbour's, to whose child he wascarrying a whistle. A murrain take such trumpery. He had on a coatmade of that cloth they call thunder and lightning, which, thoughgrown too short, was much too good to be thrown away.

With this he complied, shewing in a gentleman whoseemed to be about thirty, drest in cloaths that once were laced.His person was well formed, and his face marked with the lines ofthinking. These rufflings, andpinkings, and patchings, will only make us hated by all the wivesof all our neighbours. In this manner we began to find that every situation in lifemight bring its own peculiar pleasures: every morning waked us toa repetition of toil; but the evening repaid it with vacanthilarity. Thechaplain's errand was to inform us, that Mr Thornhill hadprovided music and refreshments, and intended that night givingthe young ladies a ball by moon-light, on the grass-plot beforeour door. The temper of a woman is generally formed from the turn of herfeatures, at least it was so with my daughters. We are notto judge of the feelings of others by what we might feel if intheir place. He was scarce gone, when Mr Thornhill's butler came tocongratulate us upon our good fortune, saying, that he overheardhis young master mention our names with great commendation. The next morning we were again visited by Mr Burchell, though Ibegan, for certain reasons, to be displeased with the frequencyof his return; but I could not refuse him my company andfire-side.

Our little habitation was situated at the foot of a sloping hill,sheltered with a beautiful underwood behind, and a pratling riverbefore; on one side a meadow, on the other a green. --As I spoke, poor Mr Burchellentered the house, and was welcomed by the family, who shook himheartily by the hand, while little Dick officiously reached him achair. We all followed him several paces,from the door, bawling after him good luck, good luck, till wecould see him no longer. To be seenby ladies of such high breeding in such vulgar attitudes! I sent for Mr Flamborough, and they talkedhim up as finely as they did me, and so at last we were persuadedto buy the two groce between us. ', 'Why, my dear, what controversy can she have read?' As we lived near the road, we often had the traveller or strangervisit us to taste our gooseberry wine, for which we had greatreputation; and I profess with the veracity of an historian, thatI never knew one of them find fault with it. Deborah exerted much sagacity in conjecturingwhich of the two girls was likely to have the best place, andmost opportunities of seeing good company. :�4�z��̵ȹج!�ܫSʧtlii@ �p Q��� ��[ZT;XHP��eRJJ��0 --'Nothing can be plainer,' returned t'other, and looked round withhis usual importance.--'Very well,' cried the 'Squire, speakingvery quick, 'the premises being thus settled, I proceed toobserve, that the concatenation of self existences, proceeding ina reciprocal duplicate ratio, naturally produce a problematicaldialogism, which in some measure proves that the essence ofspirituality may be referred to the second predicable'--'Hold,hold,' cried the other, 'I deny that: Do you think I can thustamely submit to such heterodox doctrines?' Death! Superior finery everseems to confer superior breeding, Mr Burchell had scarce taken leave, and Sophia consented to dancewith the chaplain, when my little ones came running out to tellus that the 'Squire was come, with a crowd of company. 0000018608 00000 n chapter 12 . 'I hope,' cried she,'your Ladyships will pardon my present presumption. Our cousins too,even to the fortieth remove, all remembered their affinity,without any help from the Herald's office, and came veryfrequently to see us.

Her gratitude may be more readilyimagined than described: she thanked her deliverer more withlooks than words, and continued to lean upon his arm, as if stillwilling to receive assistance.

Far in a wilderness obscureThe lonely mansion lay;A refuge to the neighbouring poor,And strangers led astray. published in 1766. I therefore walked back by thehorse-way, which was five miles round, tho' the foot-way was buttwo, and when got about half way home, perceived the processionmarching slowly forward towards the church; my son, my wife, andthe two little ones exalted upon one horse, and my two daughtersupon the other. I had always some ambition, and you nowsee that I was right; for who knows how this may end?'

Oliviaundertook to be our prolocutor, and delivered the whole in asummary way, only saying, 'We were thrown from our horses.' In this exigence, therefore, my onlyresource was to order my son, with an important air, to call ourcoach. chapter 13 .

When we were shewn a room, I desired thelandlord, in my usual way, to let us have his company, with whichhe complied, as what he drank would encrease the bill nextmorning. It is impossible to repeatthe train of agreeable reveries we called up for ourentertainment. However, I fancy when we come toask advice, we will apply to persons who seem to have made use ofit themselves.' We seemed stuck to the ground for some time, as ifactually petrified with amazement. But perhaps,madam, while I thus reprehend others, you'll think it just that Ishould give them an opportunity to retaliate, and indeed I havemade this remark only to have an opportunity of introducing tothe company a ballad, which, whatever be its other defects, is Ithink at least free from those I have mentioned.'.

Only a Lord and a 'Squire for two shillings! Keywords. As every personmay not be acquainted with this primaeval pastime, it may benecessary to observe, that the company at this play themselves ina ring upon the ground, all, except one who stands in the middle,whose business it is to catch a shoe, which the company shoveabout under their hams from one to another, something like aweaver's shuttle. --'Iprotest,' cried Moses, 'I don't rightly comprehend the force ofyour reasoning; but if it be reduced to one simple proposition, Ifancy it may then have an answer.'

--'O sir,' cried the 'Squire,'I am your most humble servant, I find you want me to furnish youwith argument and intellects too. Honour, Sir, is ouronly possession at present, and of that last treasure we must beparticularly careful.' 0000039883 00000 n And such is always the case withthose who embrace error. ', As she spoke, Moses came slowly on foot, and sweating under thedeal box, which he had strapt round his shoulders like a pedlar.-- 'Welcome, welcome, Moses; well, my boy, what have you broughtus from the fair?' Mr Burchell, who was of the party, was always fond of seeing someinnocent amusement going forward, and set the boys and girls toblind man's buff. chapter 7 . 116 0 obj <> endobj xref 116 100 0000000016 00000 n Family misfortunes. This I am assured of, that Londonis the only place in the world for all manner of husbands.Besides, my dear, stranger things happen every day: and as ladiesof quality are so taken with my daughters, what will not men ofquality be! My daughters seemed to regard their superioraccomplishments with envy; and what appeared amiss was ascribedto tip-top quality breeding.

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