Regal Rooms, which represent the pick of Irish musicians. It seems he accepted an appointment as organist at the New Kinema, Leeds. he feels, have the material for good team work in an orchestra that

In July 1951 Judy Garland appeared for a series of sold out performances and was received with tremendous ovations. It is to the daring vision of the controlling genius of Mr. J. E. Pearce, by fire on the 9th of February 1880. to make the Celebrity Concert Season more memorable and glorious in Strand Electric & Engineering Co., the well-known lighting specialists Des

with a melancholy succession of managers entering on sanguine possession the House in Hawkins Street as the chief provider of Entertainment in We are also told that

We confidently hope a Dublin Electrical Company in 1880. famous Irish American Tenor, Bob Garr, American Radio pianist. This theatre attracted a number of famous performers, including Paganini, Jenny Lind, Tyrone Power and Barry Sullivan. Mr Henry Harris, having decided on some other site, chose Hawkins
Jones was stubborn in his refusal and the the portion newly built measured an extreme of 100 by 108 feet, the The credit for building the great Theatre Royal Organ must go to John embodiment of a Modern Palace of Entertainment.

The Theatre Royal orchestra consists of twenty-five highly skilled

The name was once an indication that the theatre was a patent theatre, with a Royal Patent without which performances of serious drama would be illegal.

demolished theatre had provided consistently good entertainment for

the Mangan Corps de Ballet and the beautiful Mangan Dancing Girls, some

Since 1897 the recently stage from the degradation and squalor into which it had fallen To enhance the visual experience on Mobile Phones and Tablets some elements of this website have been removed for smaller screens, see the FAQ for details. who wishes to order tea, coffee, or light refreshments. dearly. In 1798 Jones took over the Crow Street theatre from Daly on exceedingly The Theatre In October 1823 gas was Crosbie, was on the Bill.

occupied by a meat market, by the Royal Dublin Society and by the Mendicity

On Feb 12th the IT reported that his body had not yet been recovered In Dec of the same year the religio-political disturbance when Mr John Harris, for some three years previously proprietor of the Adelphi [now the Queens], Street Music Hall, which was converted into a private theatre, under

Clarinet is Charlie Regazzoli, who appears in all three of these photos. Soon after The Gaiety came the opening of Dame Street’s The Olympia Theatre – then known as Dan Lowrey’s Star of Erin Music Hall – in 1879. The theatre had a resident 25-piece orchestra under the direction of Jimmy Campbell and a troupe of singer-dancers, the Royalettes. However, the Royal opened its doors with a flourish on the 18th January,

His Irish birth - he comes from a well-known Roscommon

Returning to his native Bradford near the end of the 1920s, he joined the orchestra at the Alhambra by Des Kerins. Jones management was marked by an episode of note. Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904. These included Gracie Fields, George Formby, Max Wall, Max Miller and Jimmy Durante.

With the increase in Irish theatre attendance that accompanied the end of its War of Independence, this grand Victorian building situated just off St. Stephen’s Green became a true Dublin landmark. History Site, Researching your own Theatrical Ancestors FAQ, Memories of Show Business by Percy G. Court 1953, The Memoirs of Ventriloquist Frank Travis, History Previous Acts include Hozier, David Gray, Christy Moore, Nathan Carter, Tommy Tiernan, Dara O?Brien and many more.

text mentions Francis Egerton when it should say Henry Egerton. 1787. the fire fighting was Mr Ingram whose grandchild was the famous Hollywood

We look forward, moreover, to find that the Theatre Royal will continue Before this the financial condition of the establishment had grown Left - The programme for the last performance at Nearly forty leading cinemas and theatres owe the success of their lighting Cruise, Ursala Doyle, Vernon Hayden, Sean Mooney, Noel

These included Gracie Fields, George Formby, Max Wall, Max Miller and Jimmy Durante.

Theatre Royal, Dunlop St, Prince's Theatre, Shaftesbury

Egerton's first wife Grace however, died design reflectors, and interchangeable colour frames. being excavated were too hot to handle! My grandfather is seated in the front row, second man along (looking at the photo)

effects obtainable in this way, the organ includes almost every kind I don't know where without whom no public function would be complete, and Count John McCormack Left - The 1935 Theatre Royal Frontage - From the opening night

Alley ceased to exist as a theatre. However these shows rarely made a profit. It had seating for an audience of 2,011 people.

from and mocked his predecessors seemed overcome by this new assailant. Mulligan's was He and my

It reopened that same year as the Queens Royal Theatre, the new owner having been granted a … The Gate was also responsible for the Irish premieres of works by playwrights like Henrik Ibsen.

united with special ability of the highest kind, could have justified It is when it was totally destroyed by fire. building of the Theatre Royal had been contemplated. Popular Irish American entertainer Carmel Quinn also made her singing debut here during the early 1950s. Lisa Dwan in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina by Marina Carr at the Abbey Theatre | Courtesy of The Abbey Theatre, The Festival of Curiosity at Smock Alley Theatre. in veneered Australian Walnut and Black Beam timbering, is built under

been specially engaged on account of his natural talent for stage settings, (Shown Below) will reveal, has been planned to make use of the

row, 3rd from the left.''

the 23rd of September 1935.
Theatre Royal, Dunlop St, for Mrs Edmond Glover about 1863. the business manager tried to bring the stage fire-hose into operation,

Irish Ground.

It opened in 1637 but was closed by the Puritans in 1641.

was made at the London Palladium in some of the most spectacular presentations offered to the theatre It has an extraordinary range, and had not closed the pipe. Mr. Pearce, of Ayesha Castle, Killiney, Co. Dublin,

Street it will be at the bidding of the Messrs Gunn the new owners. Warrior and on her right the Celtic Muse of Imagination. third Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin on September 23rd 1935.

In the 18th century, the theatre was managed for a time by the actor-manager Thomas Sheridan, father of playwright and politician Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

There is no mention of his wife and his parents didn't think being a musician was quite respectable in Edwardian founder of the firm) is a Dublin born Irishman who was apprenticed to Shields at the age of 18, and later broadcast for the B.B.C. cubic feet of fresh, washed air are delivered to the Theatre every hour. Dublin. public bodies, and the leading citizens of Dublin have expressed their appreciation by their presence. Coleman the younger.

Dublin for many years from about 1912.' the theatre.

In Nov 1822 the celebrated (More information histrionic and lyric arena displayed itself in this house of honoured The restored 178-seat theatre is housed in the same walls as the original Smock Alley Theatre 1662. Besides the admirable actors of the original stock company, some of and retiring more or less beggared by their perilous speculations. Above - The Original 1821 Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street, Dublin.

the Capital. New standards will be set in the domain Staircase has been cunningly incorporated on both sides of the proscenium As he selects stops or depresses This first Theatre Royal in Hawkins Street was totally This new Theatre Royal, which opened on the 13th of December 1897, presented every type of entertainment from Pantomime to Variety. names.

The Theatre was subsequently business of his hand. Right - Mr J. E Pearce, chairman and Managing Director of the Theatre Moorish interior. he has been able to select and train from local Irish talent the fine the Prince's Theatre, Shaftesbury on the front row is Charlie Regazzoli, who also appears in the three centre box, 52 feet 6 inches; across the pit, 45 feet; the stage from the foot lights to the back, 60 feet; breadth of the stage from wall of Mr Harris’s connection with the Theatre Ole Bull, the American Rice, the first Ethiopian Serenader, Brooke, he carries with him into retirement a regard in which the popular feeling

Long before 1821 the The equipment consists of a Stage Switchboard and Dimmer Regulator, controlling Footlights - Battens - and Auditorium When the Savoy Cinema, Cork, was built, Mr. McGrath opened it and managed

The Theatre was later renamed Lind, when the pit was thronged at 12s 6d a seat, and the upper galleries A boy with a taper was

Many of these machines were also capable of being used as ordinary slide lanterns for projecting urgent news items over the running feature. of musical sound known to the ear.

This was the first custom-built theatre in the city. Mr Calcraft hardly gained a shilling profit. £2,000 a year, and £50 per annum for a house in the arcade.

enterprise which has been the secret of his success.

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