The gist of which is that Somalis aren't doing anything resembling quarantine if they're sick. 300 Class B Malls in the US are dying a slow death. Yes, there were people who died of covid before it was known to be out there. Mike Whitney • April 30, 2020. We won't even know if Sweden is a success for a while, but it has been weird seeing so many people praise them, especially since they're usually portrayed as a basket case by the same people. Food banks are overwhelmed.
We also have no data on the costs over decades, and probably never will, since it is all based on counter-factuals. They know the wolf is blowing their way. People here are starting to travel, so, infections will pick up. . All that the locked down countries have accomplished is prolonged the pain while ruining their economies and angering population. Sweden says its model worked, but Numbers Suggest a Different Story. The actual population density in Indian cities or in Egypt is far higher than dividing the population by the area of the country (Egypt is 95% desert), and far higher even than Manhattan with its vertical housing. But pressure points seem to be outdoor activity in more crowded spaces, and small-to-medium-sized social gatherings. I cannot confirm this but if true, the actual mortality rates reported by the Netherlands could be significantly higher. How do you measure success in dealing with an illness for which there is no cure? But that has surely ended by now. We never did any random testing to figure out the percentage of the population infected, and then they quarantine everybody instead of just the sick people and bankrupt the masses. Gues we just have to lock people up indefinitely then! Italy, Spain, and Brazil all die, but the Swede lives. But note Denmark's population density disadvantage of 138:25. This is the question we need to ask ourselves before judging which country’s approach has been most successful in dealing with the coronavirus. Millennials want to buy a home but underestimate how much they need for a down payment. Big gov hasnt gone full retard on any of those health threats. New York authorities are desperate to make the pandemic seem far worse than it is to keep getting more federal financial assistance, and now they have been caught lying on […]. Of more than 3.2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, more than a million people have recovered — including some 154,000 in the U.S. Sweden's laissez-faire #lockdown is working. Enough medical supplies to ensure that the medical systems are effective and not destroyed by killing off or sickening your medical providers. show everyone what a worst case scenario is for the virus, provide insight on reinfection rates and how reopened cities fare, like Harbin. "But Sweden has a ton of pressure to under-report Covid deaths. Why? What, exactly, did Sweden do "right" that enabled them to keep their economy open? 25% of the population lives in the Stockholm metro area, with population density 360/km^2.

Cultural (built in social distancing, or perhaps they often wear scarves?). All countries should have closed their airports in January 2020 when China started closing its cities (no point in closing only flights from China as the passenger can fly from elsewhere). I am always wary of comparisons to Scandinavian countries. Of course a country that doesn't lock down will have more cases and more deaths, since lock-downs slow the spread of the virus - that's their entire point. In other words, while the “containment” strategy of self isolation and social distancing might temporarily prevent the spreading of the virus (and prevent the health care system from collapsing), the infection will undoubtedly reemerge when the lockdown is lifted causing a sharp uptick in the cases and deaths. If Sweden much higher now, the quarantine thing was just delaying the inevitable destroying the economy in the process. The lockdowns in America will not be sustainable though the Summer, people will not remain inside all Summer, it just won’t happen. I still wish we knew what was going on in China. I would be shocked if they didn't.". Every Governor is on their own and the Blue States are wealthier. How does living in a huge apartment building keep you from catching the virus if someone else in the building has it? See the list below. She is a tyrant. Sweden United States HISTORY; Composition by sector > Agriculture: 1.8% Ranked 180th. It is my choice. Sweden hasn't trashed their economy, like the U.S. has. Science is far from perfect especially when humans are manipulating it for other purposes .

I would hazard a guess that Sweden's overall infection rates is many time greater than any of its neighbors which means it will reach herd immunity earlier than its neighbors and it the end death rates between the countries will be probably be more or less the same unless medicines that can help cure the virus are found and used before herd immunity is achieved. Your campaign is in serious trouble. ", or should you examine his car to try to find the differences before you head for the wall yourself? #Covid19 deaths - Sweden: 2,669 (0.026%) ... like Statehouses crammed full of fat guys with rifles. If people in New York City want to practice social distancing, they ought to just move out of that place. Yes, Sweden has more deaths upfront, earlier than other countries. The average fatality in Italy was 80 years old with four pre-existing conditions.

They have relatively small, very well educated populations that generally elect sensible leaders. And then you crashed the economy for absolutely nothing. This is where I struggle with these lockdowns, people have have rights and freedoms but along with those come responsibilities as well, and in too many places do people expect to enjoy freedom without that responsibility. There seems to be no doubt that Somalis have a much higher death rate even if one is suspicious of the exact numbers and reasons given in the second link. Forget about a new stimulus bill before the election. The current population of Belgium is 11,581,402 . I bet as soon as restrictions are erased in the locked down countries their numbers are going to rise, while Sweden's will stay the same or trend lower. Is genetic (say, pale skin gives them a better ability to convert Vitamin D?) Sweden has just over 3 times the death rate of Denmark.

A short quarantine ,or not, followed by mandatory mask and social distancing is probably the best compromise versus decimating the economy with a toll as devastating as the deaths from the Wuhan virus. and the other 3 countries don't? Why the differences?

If the message had been that this is contagious like chicken (where we also quarantine for 14 days), more than flu etc. So they mostly govern sensibly and the people go along with it. Trump goes after Nate Silver and Silver Responds. I wish we knew more about what this activity consisted of. In effect, you're comparing apples and oranges, since in Sweden you can see in x months what in Denmark will happen in X+some number, the difference depends on the slow-down efficiency of the lockdown.

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