If you’ve been trying to explore unique beers and enjoy some new tastes, try one or more of these!

The discovery of a sour beer can be called accidental as the sour taste of this beer is formed from constant ageing of beer.

I've come to crave sour beers like one does the endorphin rush from a hot sauce bottle adorned with skulls and crossbones.

All contents copyright 2020 by MoreFlavor Inc. All rights reserved. It is brewed by the New Glarus Brewing Company in New Glarus, Wisconsin. However, this took a little extra work than the accidental batch! Pick the best one of all these options and see which one do you like the most! On tasting, you can enjoy the flavors of raspberries, wild yeast, acid, wood, vanilla, and oak. The beer is tart, acidic, and citric in taste. This is a gose – style beer is brewed by the Lost Nation Brewing company in Morrisville, Vermont.

but Cherry is another classic style (Kriek) and a great option for flavoring sours.

This is another Lambic-gueze style sour beer brewed by the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, Belgium. However, first, let us see what sour beers actually are! This beer contains one, two, and three-year old lambics as its ingredients and it is said to be 100% Lambic. Primarily, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus are to thank for that mouth puckering acidity.

It is a sour/flanders red/brown beer with 5.5% ABV. By this point you’re probably over 6 months in, if not longer. I do this at the brewery since we’re brewing a kettle sour every few weeks. $0.00. My first mixed fermentation beer was a simple one and if you’re interested in making one yourself, getting started sooner than later is the way to go. Sub-Total Wort Production - Recipe Design. Learn the differences between mixed fermentation & kettle sours, blending, tips to making them as well as recipes in this article. Hence the popularity of adding fruit, or as they do in Germany, flavored syrups. 4.

This one is a sour/wild beer made by the Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The head is frothy but very thin and the beer also has low carbonation. Definitely worth noting, all of my sour beer equipment i.e. It is a malty beer with hints of fruits, lemon, salt, vinegar, wood, funky yeast, sweet cheese, and grapes.

It leaves a dry and tart mouth-feel. There are mainly 5 types of sour beer: • Gose • Flemish Red • Oud Bruin • Gueze Lambic • Berliner Weisse. Getting Started - General Suggestions for Brewing Sour Beers. Either way, I highly recommend getting a few going now if you like mixed fermentation sour beer. I found bubbling CO2 through the bottom of the boil kettle helps speed this process up, as it prevents channeling and helps mix the wort as it’s cooled. Once you hit your desired pH level, you unseal the kettle, take off any heaters etc., and proceed to boil like a normal beer. Another Lambic-Gueuze, this beer is brewed by Brouwerji Lindemans in Belgium. Many breweries choose not to dabble in sours because it can contaminate beers that are highly controlled and throw off their entire production. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. A variety of methods are used to produce sour beer, which is why this style is not as cut-and-dry as ales, lagers, stouts, and other popular types of beer. So, when it comes to choosing them, a lot of care is taken.
But when doing it off taste you have to remember the sugars have yet to be fermented so the wort will be very sweet and harder to gauge acidity level on.

The beer tastes like a blend of cucumbers, watermelons, green melons, and salt.

As sours grab the attention of more beer drinkers, it's good to have at least a basic understanding of how sours are produced and how to find one. It gives the taste of fruits, spices, leather, green apple, oak, lactic acid, and banana. Top 20 Sour Beers and Sour Beer Brands New Belgium La Folie The New Belgium La Folie is a Sour/Flanders Red/Brown beer that is brewed by New … Sour beer is produced throughout the world (though Belgium is seen as a leader) and it encompasses beers of every color and style. 5. The color of this beer is lightly golden, and it has aromas of soft malts, raspberries, yeast, and lemon. In this area of Belgium, local breweries historically cooled their wort in the evening during the colder seasons in a large and awe-inspiring vessel called a Coolship (koelschip)!
In all, this thick beer has a sour fruity taste with hints of earthiness. So, now let’s check out the list of some good sour beers: The New Belgium La Folie is a Sour/Flanders Red/Brown beer that is brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’re looking for the cleanest possible lacto profile, get a pitch from one of the major labs. We also know the traditional way of making them is by using mixed cultures and giving them time to develop their amazingly tart aroma and taste characteristics. You can easily measure this with a pH meter and I would recommend getting one if you plan to kettle sour beers.

Then for the others, I will typically mix some brett and lacto strains like Brettanomyces Lambicus and Lactobacillus Delbrueckii with a Saison strain. One thing I have done that worked well both at home and commercially is use natural yogurt to inoculate my batch. So, by pre-boiling the wort we are creating a clean and less favorable environment for other bacteria and setting up our Lacto to be the dominant flavor contributor. The beer pours a dark orange and has a very thin white head. It has 6% ABV and pours clear golden with a creamy thin white-colored head. Due to the low pH of the wort it's a harsh environment for the yeast, so having a large cell count and nutrients will help. So I gathered a group of beer pros together to try out nearly 50 different recently released sour beers. With 6% ABV, this one can be called an actual sour beer because it is brewed through the age-old method of barrel-ageing.

The beer comes with 7.6% ABV and pours dark copper brown with an off-white head. At the end of the boil there should be 5.5 gallons of wort. In sour beers, that may be introduced to the wort along with a wild yeast species called Brettanomyces (often abbreviated "Brett"), or Brett may be the lone yeast. Sour beer—as you might expect—offers a puckery taste that is not found in the more conventional brews you may be used to. It tastes nicely sour, fruity, and citric and is a great Belgian beer to enjoy! Also, worth noting, I always use S-shaped airlocks as they are less prone to evaporation.

buckets, tubing, etc., I keep separate from my clean beer equipment and I highly recommend that you do the same. The beer pours cloudy golden and has a thick white head. Saccharomyces is the standard brewer's yeast species used to make beer. Let’s start with the short answer, it’s a beer that is made intentionally tart in taste.

I do all my blending in buckets with measuring lines so I can measure percentages of each batch easily. If there is one style of beer you want to invite to the dinner table, it's the sour. The beer is a fruity one and has a deep red color with a white head. Let that pellicle form and resist the urge to pull a sample. With 5.5% ABV, this beer is very popular among people and has a very pleasant yet sour taste. So now let’s talk about Lacto cultures, when I first started doing quick sours, I would do sour mashes and use unmilled Pilsner malt to inoculate my mash. When I have done this method, I will use organic yogurt from a local dairy farm. 2. However, bacteria like Acetobacter (think Vinegar) does need oxygen. This process is called a sour mash and was a popular method for producing quick turn sour beer prior to brewers figuring out the method of kettle souring. I will then make one or two fruit versions by adding either fresh fruit I picked up during the summer and froze or by using canned fruit purees. This is also a sour/flanders red/brown beer brewed in California by The Lost Abbey or Port Brewing Company. I will give you my mixed ferm base recipe below, but I do want to go into my blending process and some tips on making them in general. You can get the aromas of fruits, cherries, spices, biscuit, orange, vanilla, and caramel.

And, if you can't get enough of those delicious fruit beers, lambics are a natural fit. The challenge that comes from this beneficial step is you need to cool the wort down before pitching your lacto culture, as Lactobacillus starts to denature around 120°F. You will not regret it! Commercial Methods 6. They also tended to store them for a while, further reducing their alpha acids and slightly oxidizing them. On tasting, you get the aromas of raspberries, blueberries, lemon, yogurt, vanilla, and fruits. With 7% ABV, this beer pours light golden, is hazy, and has a white head. Top 20 Best Sour Beers – Everything amazing isn’t sweet in life!

This beer has been in a great demand by beer enthusiasts because of its amazing taste and a great mouth-feel. With 7.3% ABV, this beer is a strong companion at a party of social gathering. Bottom line, no matter what hops you use, keep the IBUs low, ideally below 10. It tastes and smells like honey, dry cider, pepper, hay, fruits, and herbs. It has a strong taste of cranberries, black currant, strawberries, cherries, yeast, and wine. Assuming you have a healthy lacto pitch, your wort should reach 3.5 in under 24 hours at the ideal temp.

No part of this document or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher. At home I do this with some FermWrap heaters and a temp probe inside the thermowell on my kettle connected to a temp controller. Sparge with 6 gallons water at 168 F to collect 8 gallons. The taste in all is tart, citric, sour, and a bit acidic. The reason is that different types of microorganisms, yeast, and bacteria bring out a different sour taste in this beer. Another upside is you don’t need to maintain different bottling and packaging equipment since you will be boiling the wort and killing off any bacteria prior to fermentation. After I have 4 or more carboys filled with the various mixed ferms for the year, I stash them away in a dark and temp stable area of my house like a guest bedroom closet. Another one of the sour/flanders red/brown beer family from Belgium, this one is brewed by Brouwerji Omer Vander Ghinste.

It pours golden-amber and has a thin off-white head.

This is a gose beer brewed by Peace Tree Brewing Company in Knoxville, Iowa. Sure, you can pitch a mixed culture into a single batch of beer and enjoy it once it’s done souring. Wild fermentation may use Brett alone or pair it with Saccharomyces and is fermented for longer than normal beer. They actually become very beautiful (well at least I think so) after a while and look like dome bases on a lunar surface, but I digress. Don’t worry, that day will come soon enough. Typically, only U.S. craft breweries will actually place the word "sour" on a label. Mixed fermentation uses a combination of Saccharomyces and Brett along with bacteria. Sure thing, if that floats your boat…go for it! The long answer, in my opinion, starts in the Senne River Valley area of Belgium. It's acidic, tart, and complex, but as a style of beer, rather hard to define and surprisingly diverse.

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