Team NHL Teams List, NHL Hockey Teams by Division in Alphabetical Order. Vancouver Canucks 71.6%

$11,040,187 In the 1967-68 season, six new teams were added. $2,015,633 20/23 Dallas Stars $5,213,694 0.0% 94.9%

2.6% ICC Women’s World Twenty20 is the biannual T20 women's... Carlsen defeats Caruana to retain World Chess Championship 2018 in rapid games! Playoff % Playoff % $-1,820,284 15/23 $70,459,813 $5,082,260 There was no further expansion to the league until the '90s. 21/23 22/23 Sitemap Pittsburgh Penguins Clubs are considered permanently relocated when moved out of their respective … $75,814,690 100.0% $-1,820,284


Problems embedding or need assistance? Minnesota Wild Projected Cap Space Can you list all the National Hockey League teams? One was first introduced during the Great Depression, at which time the salary cap per team was $62,500 and $7,000 per player. $74,702,266 99.9% sports leagues in the USA and Canada. 0.0% $77,499,871 23/23 19/23 $82,473,334 0.0%

Florida Panthers The   Upcoming Punvec Kabaddi World Cup 2018 will... NHL Teams List, NHL Hockey Teams by Division in Alphabetical Order. 99.9% New York Rangers

20/23 Can I Listen to Utah Jazz radio on iPhone? Toronto Maple Leafs The salary cap was set to $60 million, but NHL hockey teams were allowed to spend a pro-rated $70.2 million for the shortened season. $5,010,833

$12,286,706 Edmonton Oilers 16.6% San Jose Sharks Copy Link 19/23 The salary floor (the minimum that a team must spend as a whole) is 85 percent of the salary midpoint. $18,738,611 55.4% $81,724,879


Copy Link For the 2019-20 season, the cap floor is $60.24 million.

Active Roster

Central division playoff odds via SportsClubStats

$12,286,706 The salary cap was introduced to prevent teams with the most revenue signing all the top players, which was becoming a problem in the '90s and early 2000s.

$5,685,310 Philadelphia Flyers A Sports Addict, Blogging is My Passion. The league then took four teams from the World Hockey Association when it ceased to exist in 1979. $5,213,694

Active Roster NHL Salary Cap Floor: $60,240,000 21/23 82.1%

100.0% 22/23 96.9% Playoff % 16/23 Vegas Golden Knights 22/23 0.0% A Sports Addict, Blogging is My Passion. Vegas Golden Knights San Jose Sharks The next new NHL team was the San Jose Sharks in 1991. 96.3% Division in Alphabetical Order 2017-2018 season... Hello, I'm Shafaqat. 20/23 55.4% 100.0% 100.0% $7,582,968

60.7% Listen to Cleveland Browns on Android phone app?

Check out the comprehensive list of hockey team names below to see their salary cap space, number of contracts, and the best NHL Teams by seeing which teams have the highest odds off making the playoffs.
Projected Cap Space 21.8%

Edmonton Oilers 22/23 $81,472,855 The next new NHL team was the San Jose Sharks in 1991. Here is the list of all 31 National Hockey League teams in Alphabetical Order by City and Team Name: Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Calgary Flames Carolina Hurricanes Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Columbus Blue Jackets Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings Edmonton Oilers Florida Panthers Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Montreal Canadiens Nashville … Continue Reading Nba Teams In Alphabetical Order By Team Name 2018 Carolina Hurricanes 6. 23/23

Carolina Hurricanes $14,154,366 15/23 Tune in to learn about developments in the league, your favorite NHL … $-154,999 $8,205,833 sports leagues in the USA and Canada. $5,010,833


St. Louis Blues

Use the stats from the player pages to make smarter hockey bets. Contracts $13,667,190 $18,738,611 18/23 Pittsburgh Penguins Vancouver Canucks

Colorado Avalanche 18/23 $83,320,284 Johnson, who won the FedEx Cup 2020  along with the Tour Cha... All Types/Kinds of Sports and Games .. Winnipeg Jets 60.7% Boston Bruins Caruana, Wins World Chess Championship in Rapid games. 20/23 $-1,232,166 $-973,334

21/23 At the time of the negotiations, teams were spending around 75 percent of their revenues on salaries — much higher than any other North American sports league. Los Angeles Kings Winnipeg Jets The amount set as the salary cap each year depends on the league’s revenue for the previous season. 27.6% Florida Panthers In 1974, six more NHL hockey teams joined the league, creating 18 in total. $6,797,734 0.0%

47.7% Have ideas to improve this feature? $68,947,500 Tune in to learn about developments in the league, your favorite NHL teams and players.

Washington Capitals 96.3%

$18,345,001 100.0% 22/23

0.0% $5,685,310 Originally, there were just six NHL teams, called the Original Six.

See a full list of NHL players for 2020-2021, listed by team or in alphabetical order. If you are looking for NHL Salary Cap information, stats, and history, PuckPedia is the only source you need. Metropolitan Division Another eight were added in the subsequent decade to reach 30 teams by 2000. The National Hockey League NHL is a professional ice hockey league in North America. 17/23 $67,832,810 0.0% 19/23 $1,590,001 Each team appoints an individual or individuals to represent their team on the Board of Governors. Projected Cap Space

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