The song was included in the album, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’. Their lover story is no different to a roller coster of  a movie where they got married twice and even got divorced twice. But it's believed that most of her money comes from Eminem's pocket. In November 2013, a news surfaced that Eminem might just re-kindle his relationship with his ex-wife when his ex-mother in the law revealed that he was building a house for Kim. She had a twin sister named Dawn Scott. Despite the on-and-off relationship, they gave birth to their daughter on Christmas 1995.

The school sweethearts perhaps didn’t enjoy their love life too long. She was taken into custody after she was found carrying cocaine and possessing a suspended driving license. Kim, as an escape route, started taking drugs. They even remarried in 2006, but got separated three months later. Though Kimberly could not become a perfect wife, she had tried to be a perfect mother to Hailie and is at the side of her daughter during her major academic and life events. But it’s been almost 7 years after the story was revealed and the ex-lovers seem to be living peacefully in their own lives. Kim got pregnant while she was living with Eminem. 4. Kimberly gave birth to daughters, Alaina Marie Mathers in 1993, and Hailie Jade in 1995. Kimberly and Eminem, the famous rapper, were high school sweethearts.

He was pled guilty and was charged with a sentence of two years. They talked the whole time they were in the party and that was the beginning of their relationship. Later at Shelby TWP Court, she admitted to her drunk driving case and attempted suicide. Kim also talks about how Em’s performance on Kim and her attempted suicide! Not that she was still in love with Eminem, but because of the fact that she had to manage her finances without a permanent job. She was fined and was kept on probation. Despite having many differences, Kim and Eminem came together from time to time for their daughter Hailie. She was born on 9 Jan 1975, in Warren, Michigan. She ran away from her home and parents with her twin sister, Dawn, and commenced residing with her school sweetheart Eminem’s family. The knot was tied in 1999. He assaulted the man brutally for which he was later arrested. They gave many chances to their relationship for their Christmas born baby. It is said that Kimberly also has a son named Parker Scott. Her troubled childhood was believed to be the cause of her upset behavior in adulthood. Besides Hailey, Kim also has another daughter Whitney Scott from her relationship with Eric Harter. All rights reserved. After the party, Kim asked Eminem if she and her sister could move in with him as they needed a safer place to live. Kimberly shared an on-off relationship with her husband Eminem. Kim is of white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. According to few sources, it’s said that Mathers also has a son named Patrick Scott.

They formally adopted Aliana in 2002. Her Twitter has over 4k fans following. Her estimated net-worth is around 2 million US dollars. Eminem took up work at Gilbert’s Lodge and Kimberly started staying with him. He introduced her as Kim Scott. However, her former husband, Eminem has a whooping sum of amount $220 million as net worth according to Celebrity net worth in 2019. However, they were constantly chased away by Debbie’s boyfriend’s claims Debbie.

No. The duo started dating in the year 1989 and throughout the 90s. Not only was she having trouble in her married life, but she also got involved in a few legal issues which earned her countless news mentions and controversial headlines. She had moved out of her husband’s house and life when he needed her the most. In 2001, Eminem’s wife was arrested and charged with drug possession but wasn’t declared guilty. Both of them are still single. He has humiliated his ex-wife through his musical albums in the past. She was named Hailey Jade.

She was the ex-wife of the popular rapper Eminem. Kimberly Anne Scott and Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known by stage name as Eminem met each other by utter fate. Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, in Warren Michigan, the USA to mother Kathleen Sluck and father Casimir.

Kim, as she is popularly known, also attempted to end her life on quite a few occasions and post her failure, she became a drug addict. But later on, after meeting with Eminem, they moved to his house. They had to deal with their alcoholic step-father who even used to assault Kim sexually. The extra responsibilities soon soured their relationship and Kimberly moved out of the house with Hailie.

But by February 2006, Eminem had again left her and they sought divorce for the second time which was finalized in December 2006. Kimberly was very close to her twin sister, Dawn. Later when she violated her probation, she was sentenced to one-month jail. However, after five years of their separation, again the two decided to give second chance to their relationship for the welfare of their daughter and re-married in January 2006. In June 2000, Eminem saw his wife kissing a friend John Guerra on his cheek in the parking lot of a Warren, Mich. Details about her ancestry and academics are not disclosed. Kimberly Anne Scott is an author and American mercenary illustrator. But she did marry and divorced Eminem Twice (1999-2001), (2006-2006). But the name of the father is not known. Eminem’s stormy relationship with his ex-wife has been a major source of inspiration throughout his musical career. They also exchanged vows at St.Joseph Mo the same year they got together. children: Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade, Parker Scott, Whitney Scott Mathers. Kim was charged with drug possession in 2003. Despite staying away for more than two years, the duo revived their romance and later got back together in 1999. In 2001, for the divorce settlement, the court ordered Eminem to pay $52000 per annum to Kim for spousal support and child custody. Kim is the former wife of Eminem and mother of four; Hailie, Alaina, Whitney, and Parker. But while he was on the stage, he punched a doll that represented Kim while rapping bad things about her. In another incident, Eminem caught Kim kissing a bouncer outside a nightclub. In 2016, Kim’s twin died of drug overdose and Eminem went on to adopt her daughter, Alaina Marie Mathers. He once invited Kim to his concert after making a promise that he would not say a word about their relationship. She also was in illicit relations with a number of other men. Well, there is a saying you can never say never. Hailie’s care was jointly given to both parents. So, who knows what can ignite this fiery relationship again. Required fields are marked *. Nevertheless, Kim delivered the first child, a girl, on December 25, 1995. Her hair is brown and her eyes are light brown. Writer and American mercenary illustrator. The Christmas baby was named Hailie Jade Mathers. But soon there were marital problems and they divorced in 2001. She also gave birth to a daughter named Whitney Scott from that relationship. Kim and Eminem first met when they were in their early teens. She confessed that she got high and then drove her black Escalade with an intention of crashing the car. Eminem incorporated his hatred towards Kim in his songs. Their friendship blossomed at the party and it didn’t take long before Eminem let Kim and her sister stay at his mother’s house. She isn’t famous for her writing but indeed came in headlines for her turbulent relationship with the controversial rapper- Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem. She told how Em and Kim see each other often and think they have a good chance of getting back together. In 2000, Kimberly was caught by Eminem kissing the bouncer of a nightclub, John Guerrera. The duo came into each other path when Eminem was singing his favorite song “I am Bad” standing half-naked on the table.

She has also got a twin sister named Dawn Scott who demised due to heroin overdose in early 2016. Things were already getting sour between the couple when Kimberly got pregnant when she was living at Eminem’s mother. Eminem, on the other hand, started displaying immense dislike towards Kim. Kim and Eminem exchanged vows in 1999, but it did nothing to make their relationship work. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long and they parted their ways legally in 2001.

Further, he played the song in his ‘Up in Smoke Tour’ where Kim was one of the audiences. However, in the end, they ended their up and down relationship. However, on his new album ‘Revival’ with ‘Bad Husband’, he has finally apologized to Kim for the pain he has caused. Eminem did everything he can to display his hatred towards Kim. Eminem also adopted Kim’s illegitimate child which she conceived after being in a brief relationship with an unknown man. According to her, Kim was pretty and had a voluptuous figure. In many of his songs, he has said bad things about her. She has been found to be in possession of drugs and has attempted suicide twice. Scott had wanted to go back to college and study design after her second divorce (2006). No further details about him are known other than his name., Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Celebrities Who Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup, The Top 25 Wrestling Announcers Of All Time, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet, Celebrities Who Are Not In The Limelight Anymore. Eminem and Kim together share the custody of their biological and adopted children. Again in 2003, she was arrested for unsafe driving with two bags of cocaine.

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