What the triple "E" did was fantastic. “Unfortunately, Irwin had died of a heart attack that afternoon.

The Champion of the Underdog. The heroics of this great man are astounding. Unfortunately, none could be found, so Edwards graciously consented to wear a chicken suit. And it clipped his wings – he’d never return to the Olympic Games. Eddie said: "I did things I thought I'd never get chance to do. well it's all about the Olympic spirit, trying your best even if that's not good enough.All very well laughing / scoffing at him .. but how many people would launch themselves off a ramp ?Brave lad.BTW, the Jamaicans have their own film "Cool Running" .. when will they do a film on Eddie ?! “I want my life to move on.

I know Eddie is a complete star. I was 24 when I went to Calgary in 1988 and now I'm 44 but I can remember it like it was yesterday. We support the losers not the winners! Jill WoottonEddie was a true hero.

Click on the links above to listen to the full two-part interview with Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards interviewed by Steve Kitchen in February 2008. last updated: 12/02/2010 at 09:10created: 13/02/2008. I want to be Cheltnems second hero leading us to gold on the ice in the hockey!!!!!! Many people could see him as a zero cause he didn't win anything however he brought the great country of England a fantastic memory. Vote Now!

Anyone who has a go is a success.”, The Eagle, now 50, hasn’t soared far from the nest. I met Eddie the Eagle a long time ago to td with children in need and i asked him about hif first jump and what was that like he replyed "it was all to do with a girl called Sara if you now what i mean" he is a real HERO of mine and he did alot for winter sports. Is it any wonder that the brits only excel in mediocrity when true success is ignored. Agreed Kevin. stu woodvinei stood at the bottom of the holmenkollen ski jump in norway last month and anyone who jumps off those things is a hero in my opinion. Personally I would not want to go to the top of that tall platform let alone jump off. Robert ArnoldA hero.A heart warming story.Hope to see a film made soon. I wish I'd had the wit & courage to say something clever like, "You're heading for a fall". It was a toss up to work out who was the bravest. The Abominable Snowman. Day Dream BelieverHero. I have a huge amount of admiration for this brave young Eagle. Keep up-to-date on: © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine.

i remember his efforts and he did represent gb. Without any form of financial support for training, Eddie worked as a plasterer and even slept in a disused Finnish hospital for a short time to save enough money to keep his Olympic dreams alive.

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Mark JonesHero; Last week I stood at the top gate of the big skijump hill in Lillehammer and there is no way i would even sit on the start gate never mind launch myself off the end on a pair of skis. I personally think he deserves credit for having the balls to fail and keep trying. gary greenhouseI model myself on Eddie.

But I was doing sixty jumps a day then, which is hardly something someone who was afraid of heights would do. If only the human rights movement has recuited Eddie, I'm sure he could have made a flight where he flew over crowds & grabbed the Olympic torch depite its brutal guardians. To dave madine - That's pretty rich coming from a native of the country that declared Vietnam "a successful failure" ROFLMAO anyway Eddie is a hero and I bet you couldn't do what he did. larry and melissa marakWe cheered eddie on in that freezing bowl where he ski jumped 20 years ago. Big_JurgenTo David MadineSo what sports do our colonials on the other side of the Atlantic "excel" at which are actually played by sports in other countries? Coronavirus Update. They’ve bought one of the highly prized and expensive advertisement slots in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

“Don’t worry,” he tells his terrified passenger with a cocky grin, “I’ve done this before” – and off they fly, over the cliff. Amazing! Undeterred, Edwards sluiced on. Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Magazine 'I was brought up to believe that winning was not the be all and end all - taking part was what mattered. Eddie released a book called ‘On the Piste’ and even recorded several pop songs in Finland, the most famous of which was called “Munnimeni on Eetu” (“My name is Eetu”). You who criticize, no one's calling you to compete. JamieTo dave madine - That's pretty rich coming from a native of the country that declared Vietnam "a successful failure" ROFLMAO anyway Eddie is a hero and I bet you couldn't do what he did.

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