SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: Welcome to the HBR IdeaCast from Harvard Business Review. They get in a room. 2. But I don’t want to sort of let you guys go without asking a little bit about praise. And so, I think that one of the things we do is we imagine, well, gosh, if they knew this, they wouldn’t do it. Have them describe it. All rights reserved. And so, particularly when you’re giving somebody as you’re calling it critical or redirecting corrective feedback, that’s especially important that you do it then. I mean there was advice given, there was set up, there was support, and sort of lots of players were involved. An easy way to do this is to use the sentence structure, “When you [action],” or “Your performance on [project],” rather than using sentences that start with “You are.” A constructive feedback example about behavior is, “When you talk over Pam in the meetings, you’re making the women on the team feel less … Clearly identify the action or event and how it makes you or other members feel. And I think that was a valuable lesson for him in terms of people continually want that feedback. For more from them, go to Have them talk about it. And I’m wondering if when you are looking at the data and looking at these 360 degree assessments, if you see any differences sort of between the people at the top and the people that are managers but not all the way at the very top and kind of how they respond to feedback? I’d like to understand it better. What we think is helpful is both. SARAH GREEN CARMICHAEL: That was Joe Folkman and Jack Zenger. If a piece of work is excellent, simply providing a few suggestions, such as "have you thought about adding in information about X?" I’m pivoting to a sort of different scenario where– we’ve been talking a lot about defensiveness. And let me present you the other side of the story. JACK ZENGER: Yeah, I think that you’ve pointed out, it’s a tricky kind of balance, because on the one hand, people want to know information about how they can perform more effectively and be better. They kind of symbolically take off their stripes.

And we’ve talked almost this whole time about negative feedback or corrective feedback. But somebody’s really upset. And so he did what we encourage people to do when they get a new job, is he did a 360. I’m setting myself above you. And they have this conversation about, OK, so what did we hope would happen? JOSEPH FOLKMAN: I think the second thing that can happen, Sarah, is that the recipient can do his or her very best to not get upset and excited, but to really ask a series of questions upon what do you base this? In your first sentence, identify the topic or issue that the feedback will be about. Don't let days or weeks pass by before you give someone feedback on their work, especially when it comes to a specific project. And let people know when they’re doing a good job. And then ask them what they ought to do about it, because you’ll find people come up with a better plan and a more comprehensive plan than you would have. JOSEPH FOLKMAN: It is interesting, Sarah, because I think most of the time when you have some feedback to give, you imagine to yourself, I need to tell them, because they don’t understand.

And people that said no, it’s praise, they tend to be more praised oriented.

Provide the specifics of what occurred. Regardless of your role, level, or industry, at some point in your career, you'll most likely need to know how to give constructive feedback in the workplace. And they go, nothing. JACK ZENGER: Well, I think the first thing is to really try to understand.

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