A: It likely will – however, intelligence is, by many definitions, the ability to figure out how to accomplish goals.

He has received the Eugene R. Gannon Award for the Continued Pursuit of Human Advancement and been named One of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy Magazine. Jason Orlosky is currently a professor at Osaka University, adjunct faculty at Augusta University, and a technology consultant. None of that requires a physical robotic body, merely an internet connection. In recent years, Musk has focused on developing competitive renewable energy and technologies (Tesla, Solar City), and on taking steps towards making affordable space flight and colonization a future reality (SpaceX).

A: We don’t yet know which AI architectures are safe; learning more about this is one of the goals of our grants program. We are currently focusing on keeping artificial intelligence beneficial and we are also exploring ways of reducing risks from nuclear weapons and biotechnology.

BERI is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity with the mission to improve human civilization’s long-term prospects for survival and flourishing. After graduating from Brown University in 2010 with a degree in International Relations, he worked for 3 years as General Manager of Happy Cloud, a cloud gaming tech startup. Unless carefully designed to act in ways consistent with human values, a highly sophisticated AI trading system might exploit means that even the most ruthless financier would disavow. Peter received both TED and Echoing Green fellowships. Unsubscribe at any time. Eric is an MBA student at Harvard Business School, Class of 2015. Szymon, since 2015 leads Crito Consulting, Inc.; a consultancy committed to providing purposeful advice and working together towards a better world for future generations. Let's make a difference!

Jacob’s research interests lie in the intersection of ethics and economics. Lucas is passionate about the role that science and technology will play in the evolution of all sentient life.

Grzegorz (or Gregory, if you don’t want your tongue to hurt) lives in Warsaw, Poland and works remotely for software company based in Norway.
He is the author of some 200 publications, including Anthropic Bias, Global Catastrophic Risks, Human Enhancement, and, most recently, the book Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (OUP, 2014). Outside of FLI, Emilia works on the development of energy-based medical devices, including a novel method of therapeutic hypothermia she co-invented while a researcher at Harvard Medical School. She’s studied English, physics, and geophysics, and her background is a mix of advertising, marketing, and scientific research. A: The near term and long term aspects of AI safety are both very important to work on. Her research focuses on AI and other technology policy in US and China. He is also a Special Advisor for Government Affairs at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. Q: Isn’t AI just a tool like any other?

I’m fond of reading: scientific articles, comics, fiction – in general, everything that seems interesting to me. He has been interested in AI since 2006 (successfully pivoting his career as a Software Developer in this direction). We promise not to spam you. He currently works abroad as a freelance translator and assists with FLI outreach efforts in Eastern Europe. Outside of FLI, Tucker is an independent researcher and writer, focusing on climate change, the ethics of eating animals, and how to create a culture of sustainable collective action. Jacob is a Henry Fellow at Harvard University, affiliated with the Department of Economics.

From SIRI to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly. Bena is currently a PhD student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore, under the Singapore-MIT Alliance Graduate Fellowship at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART).
In 2005 he was appointed to the House of Lords, and he has been Master of Trinity College as well as President of many organizations, including the Royal Society, the Royal Astronomical Society and the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Aside from AI, climate change and global warming are another interest and she is working on another project investigating why current economic models are incompatible with sustainable development. Sam Harris is the author of the bestselling books The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, and Waking Up. Using large telescopes in the Chilean Andes to observe light emitted from our Universe 12 billion years ago along with state-of-the-art high performance computer simulations, he works at the intersection of observational and theoretical astrophysics on subjects including cosmology, cosmic structure, and reionization. This website uses both functional and non-functional cookies. He is currently the co-president of Harvard Effective Altruism and plans to research existential risk as a potentially effective philanthropic cause.

Aguirre is the Faggin Presidential Professor for the Physics of Information at UC Santa Cruz, and has done research in an array of topics in theoretical cosmology, gravitation, statistical mechanics, and other fields of physics.

For example, menial tasks could be automated, which could give rise to a society of abundance, leisure, and flourishing, free of poverty and tedium. Janos holds a Masters in Statistics from Harvard University. Future of Life Institute | 2,907 followers on LinkedIn | FLI catalyzes and supports research and initiatives for safeguarding life and developing optimistic visions of the future, including positive ways for humanity to steer its own course considering new technologies and challenges.

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