4 min read, 21:32 14 Oct 2020 Play Store & It looked as though regular time would be enough to see them through to an unprecedented final, but Frank Rijkaard forced extra time with an 86th minute strike. Denmark (1992) DenmarkDanmark. By clicking yes you confirm your accept our privacy policy. [4] Only France, Denmark and Ireland held referendums on Maastricht ratification. Democracy in the European Union: Integration Through Deliberation? "The first one I was going to go left, then I was going to go left and then I’d go three right. So I made up my mind, I didn’t know exactly how I did it, but I did it. Few can argue with such a label when you consider the sheer determination and sacrifice it would take to tumble the money rich clubs of the Premier League. With that came the belief. Schmeichel was once again to thank as he denied Jurgen Klinsmann on occasions, before John Jensen gave the Danes the lead on 18 minutes. "He gives everybody on the team confidence," Denmark's manager, Richard Moller Nielsen, said of Schmeichel. on Facebook or follow us on Twitter In any case, the Danish side of the 1980s benefited from the lack of expectation coupled with the newfound confidence and discipline that Piontek had instilled in them. This was expressed by Pascal Lamy, chef de cabinet for Jacques Delors, the president of the European Commission, who remarked that, “Europe was built in a St. Simonian [i.e., technocratic] way from the beginning, this was Monnet’s approach: The people weren’t ready to agree to integration, so you had to get on without telling them too much about what was happening. The citizenship opt-out stated that European citizenship did not replace national citizenship; this opt-out was rendered meaningless when the Amsterdam Treaty adopted the same wording for all members. 5 min read, 08:17 15 Oct 2020 A referendum on the Maastricht Treaty was held in Denmark on 2 June 1992. App Store right now! Acts made under those powers are not binding on Denmark except for those relating to Schengen, which are instead conducted on an intergovernmental basis with Denmark. There was no discussion. "I wanted to make sure that I had everything in me to try and get there. As the Maastricht Treaty could only come into effect if all members of the European Union ratified it, the Edinburgh Agreement, negotiated in the months following the referendum, provided Denmark with four exceptions which eventually led to Denmark ratifying the Maastricht Treaty in a 1993 referendum. Download the brand new OTB Sports App in the A run which featured some of the most remarkable results in the competition’s history and a team which overcame all the odds to topple the traditional footballing superpowers, it’s easy to deem Denmark’s success at Euro 1992 as a fairytale. Image: LineupBuilder. Rob Smyth and Lars Eriksen write in their wonderful testament, of the same name, to that almost all-conquering team, that the attitude before the switch to wholesale professionalism was aptly summed up by Danish-Norwegian author, Aksel Sandemose. And why should they fear the Germans? "He showed everybody today he is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.". Had it not been for the civil unrest in Yugoslavia, it is probably fair to say the Nielsen would have been out of a job.

Choose year: Details; Matches; Progress; … While Leicester City captured the imagination of football fans around Europe, many were quick to label their success a modern day fairytale.

They still had a chance at qualification heading into the final game against a French side who boasted the talent of Didier Deschamps, Laurent Blanc and the enigmatic Eric Cantona. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=1992_Danish_Maastricht_Treaty_referendum&oldid=962208253, Referendums related to the European Union, Articles with Danish-language sources (da), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 June 2020, at 18:32. He refused to play under Nielsen, because he felt the team had no place for his style of football. I stuck by that, I didn’t even look at who was taking the kicks.". Despite their small population, similar to that of Ireland, German coach Sepp Piontek, through a mixture of discipline and tactical nuance, developed one of the most talented national sides the world had ever seen. It can’t work when you have to face democratic opinion.”[3] From this point forward issues relating to European integration were subject to much greater scrutiny across much of Europe, and overt euroscepticism gained prominence. The style the manager had implemented was a far cry from the free flowing football of the 1980s and had cast away with the Danish twist on Total Football (alternative 3-5-2 formation) which has endeared so many in the decade previous. "But we had a good team. 08:43 15 Oct 2020 The result of the referendum, along with the "petit oui" in the French Maastricht referendum signaled the end of the "permissive consensus" on European integration which had existed in most of continental Europe until then. Despite a team packed with some of Europe's top players, they made it only as far as the semi-finals in 1984, losing out to Spain on penalties. The French had made history in the build-up to the campaign by becoming the first team to win all eight qualifying games. Denmark had missed out on qualification through the group stages and endured a public falling-out with the country’s most talented player, Michael Laudrup. Ten of the players in the squad either played for or had previously played for Danish super club Brondby. "Then we got the news. It wasn't possible to say 'no' because it would not have helped the relationship between Uefa and the Danish Football Association. Their approach to the match may have made it less of a spectacle, but the result was nothing short of remarkable. A referendum on the Maastricht Treatywas held in Denmarkon 2 June 1992. Their style was the antithesis of how the Dutch played football. The rejection was a blow to the process of European integration, although the process continued. This was a team full of experience and as Marco van Basten had put it; "Virtually everybody on our squad has won something this year with their clubs..". In this was way the side had opted for more of a long ball approach at points, rather than the patient passing play of their predecessors. Kim Vilfort secured the remarkable victory with a second half goal after some ferocious defending over the course of the game. "Treaty of Lisbon — Here is what changes! Danish Maastricht Treaty referendum, 1992. Hence it does not take part in decisions, does not act in that area and does not contribute troops to missions conducted under the auspices of the European Union. to replace the Danish krone with the euro. He explored a social phenomenon among Scandinavian countries called the Law of Jante.

A scoreless draw with England in the campaign opener was followed by defeat to Sweden. Ron Koeman may be slow in defense, but has awesome power in his left foot. A run which featured some of the most remarkable results in the competition’s history and a team which overcame all the odds to topple the traditional footballing superpowers, it’s easy to deem Denmark’s success at Euro 1992 as a fairytale. In the shadow of the great Danish sides of the 1980s, Richard Moller Nielsen did the unthinkable and did what his predecessors could never do: win the European Championship. In the final they would meet Germany. Significant parts of these areas were transferred from the third European Union pillar to the first under the Amsterdam Treaty; Denmark's opt-outs from these areas were kept valid through additional protocols. This form collects your email so that we can send you emails. "Du Skal Ikke Tro At Du Er Noget" — "You Should Not Believe That You Are Something". Eriksen, Erik Oddvar and Fossum, John Erik (2000). The spring of 1992 offered little solace for their supporters, they failed to make it through the qualifying stages for that summer’s competition in neighbouring Sweden. Furthermore, that people would not think of themselves as special, a concept even to this day that some Scandinavian countries find hard to shake. Subscribe to Off The Ball's YouTube channel for more videos, like us 3 min read. Nielsen liberated the team from the idea they were nothing special (“Du Skal Ikke Tro At Du Er Noget” — "You Should Not Believe That You Are Something") and challenged them to dream. The alternative 3-5-2 formation the Danes employed. It was with this unorthodox system Schmeichel would go down in Danish folklore. To give some context, the Danish side of the 1980s were on the cusp of becoming a superpower of international football. Larsen handed them an unlikely lead after just five minutes and scored again just ten minutes after Denis Bergkamp’s equaliser. We'd beaten Yugoslavia in the group stages and had been scheduled to play the CIS [team of former Soviet Union states] the week before the start of the competition.". The Danes fought bravely for the additional 30 minutes, forcing their Dutch counterparts to the penalty shootout. The CSDP opt-out originally meant Denmark would not be obliged to join the Western European Union (which originally handled the defence tasks of the EU). "I always make my mind up before" said Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel. The Law, which was a summation of ten rules, carried the message that the individual should not put themselves before the collective. With these opt-outs the Danish people accepted the treaty in a second referendum held in 1993. © Copyright 2020 - Off The Ball LTD. REG #614250 Marconi House, Digges Lane, Dublin 2, There are currently no podcasts in the queue. "There were those who didn't believe we would be included, but we were aware of small talk that this could be the situation” Vilfort told the BBC. The EMU opt-out meant Denmark was not obliged to participate in the third phase of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, i.e. Under the Treaty of Lisbon, Denmark can change its opt-out from a complete opt-out to the case-by-case opt-in version applying to Ireland and the United Kingdom whenever they wish.[5]. A new kitchen had taken precedence for a man on the brink of losing his job as the national team’s coach. As with every fairytale, the protagonists came from rather inauspicious beginnings. Nielsen instead opted for a more defensive approach to the game, frustrated that his side were playing attractive football but had nothing to show for it. The defending world champions.The final hurdle in a remarkable European Championships. Denmark were supplemented to the eight team tournament when Yugoslavia, in a state of civil, were removed from consideration. It was rejected by 50.7% of voters with a turnout of 83.1%. The JHA opt-out exempts Denmark from certain areas of home affairs. for the latest sporting news and content.

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