Returns the value for the row that meets all criteria specified by search conditions. The CALCULATE function will run more quickly because it doesn’t have to iterate down each row in the table testing a condition. For example you might want to calculate sum of sales amount for all “Red” products. Now add the following measure to your All measures table. However, you should always consider the CALCULATETABLE option, because of the different behavior when you have nested calculations. Hi I have a simple datamodel with date, store, customer, product and a sales table binding them together. I’ll return to this later in this article. The goal is just understanding the theory. If you need to convince yourself, you can use ALL including all the columns of Sales, and you will note that the filter on Product[Color] is still in place. In fact, this is the common idea when thinking at how a filter on Product[Color] is used in DAX to filter Sales: Said in other words, the filter on Product[Color] becomes a filter on Sales[ProductKey]. However, the filter on the bridge table is operating on Accounts, through a mechanism that works outside of table expansion. In the previous article of this series, Andy Brown of Wise Owl Training explained how to use the oh-so-important CALCULATE function in DAX to make changes to the default filter context within a formula. It returns a table of the filtered rows, and sometimes it is the better approach to take. I want to show a few examples that – at the beginning – act as mind traps. For this reason, the two CALCULATE expressions in the FILTER of the following DAX query do not have to include the filter on calendar year, because it is “inherited” from the outer CALCULATETABLE filters. This article explains these side effects and how to write correct DAX code to avoid getting incorrect results. La funzione RELATED collega la chiave Territory della tabella Internet Sales a SalesTerritoryCountry della tabella SalesTerritory. Returns a table that represents a subset of another table or expression. Funzioni di filtroFilter functions Customer is filtering the bridge table, and the bridge table, in turn, filters Account, through the bidirectional relationship.


, , [, , [, … ] ] ).

Thus, to remove the filter from the fact table, when it is coming from a bridged dimension, you need to remove the filter from the bridge table too. This creates the need to take additional care when working with filters. Every CALCULATETABLE internally incorporates one or several FILTER, and performance is generally determined by the granularity of each FILTER (even if the DAX engine might perform further optimization). A simple report showing the sum of amount sliced by customer produces the correct result, traversing the many-to-many relationship and generating a result like the following one: By downloading the file(s) you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy and accepting our use of cookies. Le funzioni di ricerca utilizzano tabelle e relazioni, come un database.

At this point, you might think that FILTER is simpler to use. Per creare questa misura occorre filtrare la tabella Internet Sales USD tramite Sales Territory e quindi usare la tabella filtrata in una funzione SUMX.To create this measure, you filter the table, Internet Sales USD, by using Sales Territory, and then use the filtered table in a SUMX function. Even more sales have dropped from the figures: The other way to solve this would have been to nest one function within another: Consider what this does for the New York row in the table: Filter context restricts the data to sales for the current city in question. This will include only the shaded area below: This leaves this table, which is the one whose sales Power BI will sum: This will give exactly the same results as the formula using CALCULATE above. A Boolean expression that is to be evaluated for each row of the table. In questo esempio l'espressione:In this example, the expression: Restituisce una tabella che rappresenta un subset delle vendite Internet meno tutte le righe che rappresentano le vendite effettuate negli Stati Uniti.Returns a table that is a subset of Internet Sales minus all rows that belong to the United States sales territory. ALL function There are at least four advantages: I’ve already shown that it’s easier to debug DAX expressions that use the FILTER function. As you have seen, at first sight the handling of filters in DAX seems inconsistent, but this is true only if you do not think in terms of expanded tables. Let us be more accurate and speak in terms of expanded tables: You can obtain a similar behavior by using the good old method of using the bridge table to move the filter from the many side to the one side, like in the following code: Why is this relevant, while speaking about filters? Per creare questa misura occorre filtrare la tabella Internet Sales USD tramite Sales Territory e quindi usare la tabella filtrata in una funzione SUMX. This will add a new table to your report to contain your measures. You can do this by copying this part of the measure you created earlier: Precede this with the word EVALUATE in DAX Studio, and you’ll get this: That’s looking good, so now you can repeat this technique with the outer bit of the FILTER function: From this, it’s easy to see why you get the figures for this measure. A Boolean expression that is to be evaluated for each row of the table. Modifies how filters are applied while evaluating a CALCULATE or CALCULATETABLE function.

Marco is a business intelligence consultant and mentor. This function is not supported for use in DirectQuery mode when used in calculated columns or row-level security (RLS) rules. The table to be filtered. La tabella confronta tutte le vendite Internet con le vendite Internet non realizzate negli Stati Uniti per mostrare che l'espressione di filtro funziona tramite l'esclusione delle vendite degli Stati Uniti dal calcolo.The table compares all Internet sales with non- USA Internet sales, to show that the filter expression works, by excluding United States sales from the computation. Consider the following model, where we link Customer to Transactions through the usage of an intermediate dimension (Accounts) and a bridge table (AccountCustomer). Take a look at how to show total sales for the USA for each city. To create this measure, you filter the table, Internet Sales USD, by using Sales Territory, and then use the filtered table in a SUMX function. Otherwise returns alternateResult. Related articles. The function can apply one or more search conditions. The lookup functions work by using tables and relationships, like a database. Instead, bidirectional filtering is executed by injecting a direct table filter in a transparent way, when executing the query. The only way to remove it is either to filter the Product table or to use the expanded Sales table. FILTER is not used independently, but as a function that is embedded in other functions that require a table as an argument. Get BI news and original content in your inbox every 2 weeks! Consider the following SQL statement: The corresponding DAX syntax using FILTER is: The corresponding CALCULATETABLE version requires an explicit FILTER argument in order to specify a logical condition that includes two columns of the same table (in this case, no automatic FILTER rewriting is possible). A further test, if you still don’t trust me, is to try the following: Again, the result is a different value for every row. L'esempio seguente crea un report delle vendite Internet fuori dagli Stati Uniti usando una misura che esclude le vendite effettuate negli Stati Uniti e quindi sezionando in base alle categorie di prodotto e all'anno del calendario. Here are the figures that this should return: There are no sales recorded for Chicago, LA and Rio in the new measure because they each only witnessed a single sale. CALCULATE ( [, [, [, … ] ] ] ), This article describes the behavior of the DAX functions that manipulate sets; they are useful to create queries and sometimes also to author measures. you can achieve it by using SUMX or Calculate, and functions such as IF or Filter to write a conditional expression for product color to be equal to “Red”. Make sure the Table visualization is selected and click CityName in the Fields list. Then I’ll dive into the syntax of the FILTER function. The FILTER function creates virtual tables which, under normal circumstances, you never see, but you can use a tool like DAX Studio to show the rows these virtual tables contain. La tabella del report finale mostra i risultati quando si crea una tabella pivot usando la misura NON USA Internet Sales.The final report table shows the results when you create a PivotTable by using the measure, NON USA Internet Sales. Restituisce una tabella che rappresenta un subset di un'altra tabella o espressione.Returns a table that represents a subset of another table or expression. Removes context filters from columns and rows in the current query, while retaining all other context filters or explicit filters. However, we see a different behavior when other expressions or a more complex filter condition are present. AccountCustomer expands to Account but, in order to activate this kind of filtering, we would need to use the AccountCustomer table as a filter parameter in. Add the field, CalendarYear, to the Row Labels area of the PivotTable and add the field, ProductCategoryName, to the Column Labels area. Read more, A Date table in Power BI can have a smaller number of columns by leveraging custom format strings to adequately control the chart visualization and the sort order.

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