Scientific Name: Varies 62 pp. Adults are commonly found near water. No management is required. The adults are known to be agile flyers, and are commonly referred as “Dancers” for their unique flight style. Ms. These particular damselflies are small and fragile in appearance with stalked wings. Damselflies are a challenge, both to photograph and to identify. The last immature stage crawls out of the water onto vegetation before the adult emerges. Damselflies and dragonflies are in the order Odonata (meaning “tooth”). Naiads of some species have adjusted to the shortened calendar of the ephemeral pond, where the warming temperatures of increasingly shallow waters “goose” their rate of development.

They are covered with a whitish “dust” that is actually a waxy substance produced by the damselfly. Soon the egg hatches within the stem and the naiad escapes into the water to continue its development. family Coenagrionidae which commonly are found around ponds and streams. Damselflies and dragonflies are in the order Odonata (meaning “tooth”).

Legs are long and end with two claws. The male then clasps the female behind the head with claspers on the tip of his abdomen and mating pairs can be seen flying in tandem. Compared to the (mostly) much larger dragonflies, damselflies look delicate, and their eyes protrude to each side giving them a bug-eyed appearance. Damselfly nymphs of family Lestidae have very slender and elongated bodies. Chronological Index to the Field Station Bulletin. Males’ abdomens have the pale tips that are due to pruinosity (from the Latin for covered by hoarfrost). Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostics Laboratory, Texas A&M College of Agrculture and Life Sciences, For additional information, contact your local. A damselfly, (Calopterygidae), nymph. Most of our species are in the. Lestes naiads can be found sprawling and hunting on vegetation (where they’re well camouflaged). Calyopterygidae are blackwinged damselflies (some have half black wings) and the ruby spot which has red at the base of the wings. They are well camouflaged in stems or tangles of aquatic vegetation. This is the only damselfly family in which the males display courtship behavior, and the females select mates.

The BugLady, who is always interested in the etymology of entomology, found two different stories about Lestes .

This weekend, we are joining with family in the Deep South to celebrate the life of our dear Miss Willie! Howdy, BugFans, Damselflies. They range in colour from green to brown, often supplemented with mottled patterns. Family Ties Submitted by Damselfly. Head over to the They feed on aquatic insects and other arthropods that are found in the water.

Their change in appearance is a bit more dramatic than in other insects that practice simple metamorphosis. Dept Envir. Swamp Spreadwing develop slowly. Some species have black or red coloration in the wings. The largest species in Texas is Archilestes grandis in the family Lestidae. As the BugLady approached it, the violet dancer didn’t move but rose higher and higher on its “tip-toes” in preparation for flight.

Yet there are actually quite a few basic differences you can use to tell them apart, even if you aren’t sure which species you’ve seen. Identification manual for the damselfly larvae (Zygoptera) of Florida Richardson J.S.
Jewelwings have black wings or half black wings, while the Rubyspots show a red patch on the base of the wings. Figure 3.

Coenagrionidae tend to be smaller, shorter-legged and often more brightly colored than other damselflies. They can be found with many body colors but they always have clear wings. Most dragonflies simply drop their eggs into the water or place them on vegetation or on the lake/pond/stream bed, but damselflies have modified ovipositors that allow them to slit a plant stem and place their eggs inside. For additional information, contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent or search for other state Extension offices.

Contributed by Troy Bartlett on 16 February, 2004 - 12:32pm Additional contributions by Mike Boone, cotinis, john and jane balaban, Stephen_WV, Lynette Elliott, Tony-2, E Moon, Nick Block, v belov Family: Coenagrionidae. Habitat, Food Source(s): See dragonflies for the discussion of feeding of the immature stages. Swamp Spreadwings can tolerate more acidic waters than Slender Spreadwings can. habitat page to see if they live by The Protoneuridae are small damselflies inhabiting streams in far south Texas. These appendages are used for oxygen transport. Spreadwing Damselfly (Family Lestidae) May 3, 2011. The tiny, leggy, newly-hatched naiads eat and molt a dozen or more times on the path to the more familiar naiad forms and later, adulthood (most insects molt five or six times). Insect Order: Odonata. Description: Damselflies have four large membranous wings of nearly equal size which are held together over their back when they are at rest except for the Lestidae, which hold them slightly open. The Pond Damselfly (Coenagrionidae) family encompasses most of the common damselflies seen at ponds and other still waters. Dorsal view of an adult damselfly from the family Coenagrionidae. The BugLady is especially fond of the lovely Spreadwing damselflies in the family Lestidae, whose members are often seen in late summer and early fall. When their plant-stem home gets submerged in spring by rising waters or falls over in decay, the embryo resumes its growth.

By mid-summer, they are airborne.

Common Name: Damselfly They perch obliquely or vertically, with wings flattened and half open (spread wings). Damselflies have long thin bodies that are often brightly colored with green, blue, red, yellow, black or brown.

but where do they live? In one study, twice as many Slender Spreadwing females emerged as males. The Protoneuridae are small damselflies inhabiting streams in far south Texas. Mating is unusual: males deposit sperm in a secondary genitalia structure on the second and third abdominal segment by bending the abdomen forward. The broad-winged damselfly group contains both jewelwings and rubyspots. Click for a hub of Extension resources related to the current COVID-19 situation. Partway into their development, still within the egg, the embryos enter a stage of suspended animation called diapause for the winter (Damselflies of the North Woods, by Bob Dubois, refers to this as “egg-wintering.”). family Coenagrionidae which commonly are found around ponds and streams. Damselflies of this genus are basically stream dwellers. The Coenagrionidae family is the most common damselfly family, commonly now as Pond Damsels because they reside near ponds or slowly moving streams. Both dragonflies and damselflies belong to the Odonata, which is a subgroup of insects, which in turn is a group of uniramian arthropods. you.

For good information about Wisconsin’s dragonflies and damselflies, including pictures and county lists, check out the Wisconsin Odonata Survey at Wisconsin Odonata Survey.

Life Cycle: Adults emerge in the spring, summer or fall. Pest Status: Damselflies are beneficial insects. The Greek meaning is robber, plunderer, or brigand (a reference to their carnivorous habits? Species: C. puella. Genus: Coenagrion. Ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) They can be found with many body colors but they always have clear wings. My Uncle John, who is 84 years young, stayed the night before.

Dorsal view of an adult Calopteryx maculata, a damselfly. They are carnivorous in both stages. Eggs are deposited in emergent plants or floating vegetation or directly into the water. The female then loops her abdomen forward and picks up the sperm from the male. Now you know what they look like and how to identify them, Life Cycle: Adults emerge in the spring, summer or fall.

Adult and naiad head, wings, legs, and spines. The young of both groups live underwater, and then climb out onto land/vegetation, emerge from their larval exoskeletons, and fly away. Swamp Spreadwings (Lestes vigilax) are common from Florida to Texas to Minnesota to Maine and points north. They live for a few weeks to a few months and fly mainly during the daytime (diurnal). By fall, the first-stage naiad exits the stem, drops into the water, and begins a larval stage that lasts for 9 months, until the following spring (larval-wintering). The three of us journeyed to the airport for a trip south. Aquatic immature damselflies (naiads) have elongate bodies, long legs and three leaf-like appendages or gills on the tail. The young of both groups live underwater, and then climb out onto land/vegetation, emerge from their larval exoskeletons, and fly away. Slender Spreadwings (Lestes rectangularis) are found near shaded, permanent ponds and slow streams over the eastern half of the U.S. in July, August and September. The male’s abdomen, proportionally longer than female’s, lacks the light-colored tip of some other spreadwings. They have oblong heads with bulging eyes and very short antennae.

Damselfly bodies are slender by comparison, and wings are held above the body while at rest. Damselfly identification in the narrow-winged family starts by recognizing that the bulk of species fit into one of three genera: American Bluets (Enallagma) Forktails (Ischnura) Dancers (Argia) Press a button to learn more about some representative species in each of those narrow-winged damselfly genera. Yesterday I left the homestead well before daylight and drove to Mum’s. Deposited in the latter half of summer, the eggs of Ms.

They hold the prey in their legs and devour it by chewing. 2010. Literature: McCafferty 1981. Prot., Tallahassee. Reviewed: Baugh 5/97, Mitchell 5/97.

They are a cosmopolitan (distributed worldwide) bunch, some of whom wear metallic colors. They are carnivorous in both stages. Remember, when identifying damselflies (and dragonflies and butterflies), that they were issued wings but not road maps, and county boundaries mean nothing to them. Damselfly or Dragonfly? Most species have one generation per year. The naiads of this damselfly are stockier ad shorter, compared to the other species of this family. ), but in French, Lestes means liberated or free (vive la difference). There are 23 species of damselfly in Ozaukee County, and 9 of the 23 are members of the inscrutable bluet group. In many species, the males and females are pretty similar in color; the males have blue eyes, and females can be tough to differentiate.
Spreadwing damselflies in the family Lestidae hold their wings somewhat open when at rest.

This image shows one of two general wing forms found within damselflies in Florida. They develop through 10 to 12 immature stages (instars), although there may be more or fewer instars depending on the species and habitat. Photo by Drees. They are not long-distance flyers. They are commonly found around ponds and lakesides during the summer.

Johnson, C. 1972. Lestes naiads get around by climbing on plants and by swimming, propelling themselves through the water by swishing their long abdomen and gills back and forth. Damselfly adults use their hind legs which are covered with hairs to capture prey as they fly. Binomial name; Coenagrion puella (Linnaeus, 1758) The azure damselfly (Coenagrion puella) is a species of damselfly found in most of Europe. ... the Protoanisoptera (family Meganeuridae), have been found in limestone at Elmo near Abilene, Kansas, USA.

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