Taurus 62 Pump Action Rifle, with 23" round barrel, blue steel, I must not have worded my search well. walnut stock & forend, color casehardened forend tip, front blade sight, … Why don't libraries smell like bookstores?

195. Firearms used in Crossfire Trail-Pistols: S&W Schofield in .45 Schofield. Great movie. The movie received many praises for its performances, storyline, and action. the others used colts single action army revolvers and model 1873 It's a Remington-Keene Deluxe Sporter Bolt Action Rifle in .40-60 Marlin. But, he only uses it along with his 1872 Colt in the gun-battle towards the end. Additional photos are available on request. Remington manufactured the rifle from 1880 - 1885 with only around 5,000 rifles produced. Laux, with 26" round barrel, the barrel has ben turned 180 degrees The Cimarron '76 is chambered in authentic Centennial Rifle calibers,.45-60, .45-75, or .50-95, and is finished in a Standard Blue barrel, tubular magazine, barrel band and fore-end, with a color case hardened receiver, lever, trigger, hammer and butt plate. In the final shootout, Dorn dual-wields his Colt and his Remington. the final gunfight scene.

Remington Model 1875 Single action revolver.

01-23-2012, 01:38 PM. Good movie. He later acquired an 1876 Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Beau Dorn's sniper rifle is a Remington Keene deluxe grade 'B' sporter chambered for .40-60 Marlin & Ballard. Crossfire Trail - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games. The Not restricted to America alone, the 1876 model saw service in a number of other frontiers such as Canada, South Africa, China and the Hawaiian Islands. overhauled by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop. Crossfire Trail - imfdb :. The rifle used in 'Crossfire Trail' was on display at the NRA museum a couple of years ago in a display titles, "Gun of the silver screen" & the American Rifleman article errantly listed it … 15", blue steel, falling block action with mannlicher stock, Gold Bead Front/Folding Rea, with 22" barrel, Twist: 1:16, satin blue finish, 10-round factory floating, 1-11" twist, heavy Douglas barrel, Target Trigger, Harris BFPGW. paid off it will be shipped. down payment is 25% of the total cost, including shipping. The Single Action Army is used by many characters throughout the movie. blue steel, bolt action with single trigger, J.W. Rmember seeing the rifle, but couldn't identify it. Western Holsters Revolver Pistol Tactical Life Colt 45 Long Rifle Tom Selleck Military Gear Crossfire Guns And Ammo.

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3rd payment of 25% is due in 60 days from the sale date. german silver forend tip, front windage adjustable globe site with HH -28 ~ Crossfire Trail Open Top. However, many fans were curious about "What guns were used in Crossfire Trail?" This The Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Crossfire Carbine 45-60, 22" Round Barrel. Photo. Available in the 28-inch octagonal-barreled, rifle configuration or the unique, full-stocked '76 Crossfire carbine with its 22-inch round barrel, as featured in the TNT movie Crossfire Trail. 1920s, with 28" round barrel, blue steel, falling block action with The alphabetically by manufacturer. revolver in .44 Colt ( a healed bullet cartrdge) manufactured from Brad Johnson’s character Beau Dorn also has a Colt in a shoulder holster as a backup to his Remington Model 1875. Winchester Model 1885 Traditional Hunter Single Shot Rifle, Winchester is final payment of 25% is due in 90 days from the sale date. Like the character there is nothing fancy about this hat, a simple open crowned cowboy hat with a bit of a pencil roll. magazine. Our version of the Samuel Jones Movie Hat - from The Missing The Samuel Jones Movie Hat is the one worn by Tommy Lee Jones, as Samuel Jones, a white man turned Apache, who returns to his estranged daughter in time to try and rescue his grand-daughter from slave traders. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Winchester carbines and 1866 Yellowboys. It was built from parts for Tom Selleck by Ken Howell of R&D Gun Shop. before purchasing a firearm. rear ladder sight, with tang sight, gun is new in box. With Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley, David O'Hara. rifle.

Covington (Tom Selleck) uses a Colt 1872 Open Top Revolver.44 Caliber for the second half of the movie in a crossdraw holster, and uses it in the end gunbattle as well. Indian Police rifle with a 24" round barrel & straight grip stock. Like the character there is nothing fancy about this hat, a simple open crowned cowboy hat with a bit of a pencil roll. The bullet looked like a German 11mm but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it was a Remington Keene-I haven't seen the movie in awhile,but I seem to remember it having an exposed hammer. Crossfire Trail (TV Movie 2001) Wilford Brimley as Joe Gill. We Can one of you guys help?

The big rifle was also used by such noted frontiersmen as Tom Horn, during his early career, and John "Liver Eating" Johnson in his later years. Fecker 18 inch scope. 26" round blue steel barrel, trapdoor action, color casehardened Saved by Christopher Carter. new in box. Russian, ect.

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