The Chevron brand is used primarily in North America; the Texaco brand primarily in Latin America, Europe and western Africa as well as North America; and the Caltex brand primarily in eastern Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Their complaint is that Chevron didn't provide all of the documents required for gas exploration in Poland, and that the company has not promised to share a percentage of the revenues with the local landholders. Its crude production rose steeply over the next decade, yielding 2.6 million barrels a year by 1911, or 20 times the total for 1900. Chevron announced a capital and exploratory budget of $35.0 billion for 2015, down 14% due to declining oil prices. Socal's head chemist, Eric A. Starke, was chiefly responsible for several breakthroughs in the refining of California's heavy crude into usable kerosene, and by 1911, Socal was the state leader in kerosene production.