, decorating a Canadian on the field of battle,,, The transcription reads: 'This is to welcome you on your return.

A war memorial in a field at Seaford Haven, East Sussex, England, to Canadian troops who were killed by enemy fire in 1940. decorating a Canadian on the field of battle ... Search Results for Canadian Troops Ww2 Stock Photos and Images (116) Page 1 of 2. In Canada, life was affected for everyone. The return stamp is dated [1907], Hamilton. GEN MACNAUGHTON CANADIAN C.I.C TROOPS DISEMBARK (SIC) [Allocated Title]. Postcard Collection HPL_PC_s18_58v_32022206615573,,, The postcard features a man in the gardens at Reservoir Park located in Bartonville near Crown Point in East Hamilton. II. A large troopship, «RMS Empress of Britain», can be seen out in the Tail of the Bank about quarter of a mile away. The First Canadian Contingent sailed for England in October 1914 with over 30,000 troops. The Post Office stands to the right. The return stamp is dated September 26, 1909, 12 PM, Hamilton., Postcard is a portrait of Gunner Herbert Alexander Moore of Hamilton who served in the 40th Battalion of the Canadian Field Artillery during the WWI. It supported Britain’s Bomber Command from 1943 to 1945, contributing a huge strike force. The postcard is addressed to [Miss] J. Smith, 77 St. Joseph St, Toronto, [F.A.T.]. Postcard Collection HPL_PC_s18_104r_32022206616142,, Postcard is of Gore Park looking south-west from a roof top in downtown Hamilton.
The top right corner of the postcard is bent. Ships of the Royal Navy escorted the convoy of over 30 ocean liners. This unpleasant-looking character is called the Squander Bug, and it was created during the Second World War by artist Phillip Boydell, an employee of the National Savings Committee. The transcription reads: ''Hello John. It was the worst loss for Canada in a single day.
The transcription reads: 'This is to welcome you on your return., 'British And Canadians Launch New Attacks' 'Nazis Face Biggest Debacle in History ' Evening Standard WW2 newspaper headline 4 July 1944 London UK,,, Operation Overlord. There were a couple of million American troops eventually in England in the build-up to D-Day, so they had bases all over. Canada’s role was crucial in the war effort.

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