Whe I watched it there was just a disbelief as if you were questioning what you had just seen as it was so unbelievable. I have since been able to fully appreciate it thanks to videos and highlights. Not only did Hungary suffer some baffling refereeing decisions, but there were whispers of performance-enhancing drug use by the Germans, many of whom went on to die early. Shamefully, FIFA, presumably worried about upsetting such senior members of their fraternity, never addressed the scandal.

The France v Germany semi final was simply the greatest game of football I have ever seen.

"We watched Brazil in their first game against the Soviet Union, where they won 2-1 and were just toying with them," Hansen, who was at the heart of the Scotland defence on that night in Seville, told me.

Brazil just couldn't defend. Brazil take command... . Was only aged 2 so can`t remember this one sadly. There may actually have been some bribery earlier in the qualifiers but most New Zealanders recall a certain ref, a reported briefcase full of cash and two very dubious penalty decisions.All of this in the same year that our normally fairly tranquil streets saw riot police and protesters clash as the country tore itself apart over the Springbok Tour - a Tour that was won with the last kick of the match on a pitch ringed with barbed wire and police, that had been attacked during the game by a light plane dropping flower bombs ( one of which knocked over our prop ) and where TV coverage was interrupted because protesters attacked the TV transmitters.Sometimes the results don't always tell the real story.Sean Connery's narration of Gole is excellent. There would be questions raised if they then spent some of that money ensuring people in other countries could watch their content when those people haven't paid into the license fee. In 1982 I would have only been 5 nearly 6, however I seem to be able to remember that horrendous Sschumacher challenege. Italy hold on to a deserved and famous 3-2 victory. Given some of the "incidents" that his F1 namesake has been involved in I wonder if it is something to do with that name!Brazil v Italy is for my mind the finest game of football I've ever seen. Leandro - Oscar - Luizinho - Júnior

My only regret is that after this edition the Brazil sides that have played in the succeeding WCs have never captured my attention. Favoutite moments - Brazil V Italy, Tardelli in the final, Brazils goals Vs Poland (I think), Algeria beating Germany, Germany V France in the semi final, fantastic stuff - happy memories! If you have a question, please check the. And the ref gave a goal-kick to Germany! Brazil could not defend.

For sheer artistry and jaw-dropping skill there have been few squads in history to match the one that Brazil coach Tele Santana took to Spain, not even in his own country's glittering past. On Monday, we look back at 1986, when we speak to the winner of the Golden Boot but the World Cup belonged to just one man - Diego Armando Maradona. ).Well at least Scotland did have the best WC song that year (and possibly any WC year): 'I have a Dream'. It was probably the treatment Gentile meeted out to him which was why Maradona lost his cool against Brazil and was red carded.After Schumacher's thuggery I think most neutrals were supporting Italy in the final and I guess justice was done when they ran out easy winners. So the best team not to win 82 was certainly not Brazil but in fact France. West Germany's eventual win, in the first World Cup match to be decided on penalties, was made even less popular by their goalkeeper Harold 'Toni' Schumacher's infamous challenge on Patrick Battiston with the score at 1-1 that left Battiston unconscious and knocked out three of his teeth, but saw Schumacher escape punishment.

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