The Battle of Liège (French: Bataille de Liège) was the opening engagement of the German invasion of Belgium and the first battle of the First World War.The attack on Liège, a town protected by the Fortified position of Liège, a ring fortress built from the late 1880s to the early 1890s, began on 5 August 1914 and lasted until 16 August, when the last fort surrendered.
 • Battle of Sarikamish At Esneux and Poulseur, German supplies were looted "by Belgian civilians" and had to be rescued. The 38th Brigade reached Louveigne and Theux and the 43rd Brigade reached Stoumont and La Gleize. In the first volume of Der Weltkrieg (1925), the German official historians wrote that the Battle of Liège had ended just in time for the German armies to begin their march up the Meuse valley. Their garrisons were not at full strength and many men were drawn from the local guard units and had received minimal training. Attempts were made to contact flanking units but communications to the rear had been cut and no ammunition had been delivered, which left the force of c. 1,500 men isolated during the night. google_ad_height = 60;  •  • Australia  • Siam  •  • France

The initial aim of von Bulow's Second Army, which comprised 320,000 men, was to seize the city of Liege, gateway to Belgium, which blocked the narrow gap between the 'Limburg appendix' and the Ardennes, the best entrance into Belgium. That flanking maneuver, designed to bypass both the French forces and the rugged terrain of the Ardennes, necessitated the German violation of Belgian neutrality. In Bulletin Belge des Sciences Militaires (September 1921), a four-day delay was claimed. When Albert received the ultimatum from Berlin, his chief of staff, General Selliers de Moranville, began implementing the standing contingency plan: to concentrate the army in the center of the country while allowing the fortifications at Liège and Namur to slow-down, if not stop, the German advance. With the significant aid of the howitzers and the Big Bertha gun (a 420mm siege howitzer) the forts were finally taken on 16 August, General Leman having to be carried unconscious out of the besieged forts. Germany’s Schlieffen Plan (developed over the previous two decades), called for a vast sweep of manpower around the concentration of French armies along the Alsace frontier. They contained magazines for the storage of ammunition, crew quarters for up to 500 men and electric motors for lighting. Uncertainty about the flanks led Wachter to order a retirement to ravines east of Magnée, to gain cover against the bombardment from forts Pieron and Chaudfontaine. The attack on Liège, a town protected by the Fortified position of Liège, a ring fortress built from the late 1880s to the early 1890s, began on 5 August 1914 and lasted until 16 August, when the last fort surrendered. The forts had been designed to withstand shelling from 210 mm (8.3 in) guns which, in 1890, were the largest mobile artillery in the world but the concrete used was not of the best quality and by 1914 the German army had the first of the much larger 420 mm howitzers, (L/12 420 mm (17 in) M-Gerät 14 Kurze Marine-Kanone) and could call on Austro-Hungarian 305 mm howitzers (Mörser M. 11). Interval defences had been built just before the battle but were insufficient to stop German infiltration. Leman had been personally selected to command the 3rd Division and the Liège fortifications; he was under orders from King Albert to hold the fortress system to the end.  • United States As Imperial Germany feared a long two-front war against France and the Russian Empire, the Schlieffen plan was conceived which suggested a quick strike to beat France first (as was done successfully in the Franco-Prussian Warof 1870), and then an eastward turn toward Russia (which was seen as being slower to mobilize).  • Second Battle of Champagne

 • Brusilov Offensive "The triumph was moral—an advertisement to the world that the ancient faiths of country and duty could still nerve the arm for battle, and that the German idol, for all its splendour, had feet of clay". The three corps had been ordered to advance over the Belgian border on 8 August. The 14th and 11th brigades reached their objectives with some fighting at Forêt and in the south, the 9th Cavalry Division rested its horses and held the crossings of the Ourthe and Amblève. On August 5, 1914, the German army launches its assault on the city of Liege in Belgium, violating the latter country’s neutrality and beginning the first battle of World War I.. By August 4, the German 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armies—some 34 divisions of men—were in the process of aligning themselves on the right wing of the German lines, poised to move into Belgium.  • Revolutions and interventions in Hungary (1918–1920)  • Kaocen Revolt (1916-1917)  • Convoy system The highly fortified city of Liège was in the path of the German forces as they advanced through Belgium. By evening two forts had been seriously damaged and after another 24 hours the forts were mostly destroyed. Smaller fortifications and trench lines in the gaps between the forts had been planned by Brialmont but had not been built.

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