While camping near an abandoned mine, Eric is arrested by a soldier. Later, Eric pulls to the side of the road in his car. The Rover or The Banish'd Cavaliers is a play in two parts that is written by the English author Aphra Behn.It is a revision of Thomas Killigrew's play Thomaso, or The Wanderer (1664), and features multiple plot lines, dealing with the amorous adventures of a group of Englishmen and women in Naples at Carnival time. 9/10. In a good way. It is the anarchy of the souls. Don't think I have seen anyone else top 30 seconds recently. After a robbery gone wrong, Archie, Caleb and Henry flee, leaving behind Henry's injured brother Reynolds. Clarifying those comparisons, Michôd said that, "You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of Mad Max, and with all due respect to that film—and I stress that—I think The Rover is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing. The movie doesn't offer any reason why Pearce is gunning for his stolen car until the very end - and though I do like the reason given, this is a very bleak movie. [15][16][17], The film earned five nominations from AACTA Awards: Best Direction, Best Lead Actor for Guy Pearce, Best Supporting Actor for Robert Pattinson, Best Production Design and Best Original Music Score[18] and included two wins: Best Supporting Actress for Susan Prior and Best Sound.[19]. . While driving away, Archie mocks Reynolds and Henry attacks him, causing Caleb to crash the truck in which they were riding. It's an ultimately pointless and empty exercise in sparse filmmaking and one note performances. The next morning, Cal takes Rover into the woods and is about to shoot him, but is attacked by the wolves. —David Michôd, director of The Rover, on the film. Basically, it's a story of guy (Guy Pearce's character) seeking his car because it was stolen by a trio of bad guys that committed an unknown crime prior to the car's theft. Eric doesn't have $300, so he abruptly shoots the dwarf in the head and leaves with a gun. Her prosaic delivery made it even worse. We’ve got a little something for everyone—that is, if you’re a dog, a cat, or a person who loves dogs or cats. [47] It had a theatrical released in UK on 15 August 2014. External Reviews Sometime later, Rover, missing Daisy, becomes depressed. I think there is a subtle yet tangible shift that develops two thirds of the way through the story and the score does change in this regard to become more harmonically based compared to the textures that are present in the first half of the film. You could have told the same story without the apocalypse. Rover Dangerfield is a 1991 American animated musical comedy film starring the voice talent of comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who also wrote and co-produced the film. They leave behind others, including Henry's brother Rey (Robert Pattinson). Bonus features include deleted scenes and a "making-of" segment title "Something Elemental: Making The Rover". This movie was one of the best post-apocalyptic movies I've ever seen. It just did not add up. By definition a rover wanders without a fixed destination. What is important to you when the world goes to shit? My Rover sitter sent me updates throughout the day and took care of my dog as if she were her own. If you like seeing good strong, smart films with quality acting, then go see this incredible movie ! I'm happy he had this chance to show he it's not "just a handsome face". Reynolds breaks into the area, kills the two soldiers outside, then the soldier who was processing Eric. He gambles and flirts with girls with his best friend Eddie. [8] Initially Joel Edgerton, who co-wrote the story of the film with Michôd tried for the role of Eric but it did not work out, according to Edgerton "David [Michôd] and I even at one point were like, because I said to David, “Should I be in this movie? If there is one man who knows how to make squibs look real it's David Michôd. How would they know? In retaliation for ruining his deal, Rocky stuffs Rover in a bag, drives him to Hoover Dam and throws him into the water. Hey there toons, my name is Rover, and welcome to my channel. "[64], "It’s like a new gold rush, where people from all corners of the world have come out to the desert to scrape out an existence. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 66% of 165 film critics have given the film a positive review, and it has a rating average of 6.4 out of 10. "[60], However, Scott Foundas of Variety said, "Michod’s sophomore feature isn’t exactly something we’ve never seen before, but it has a desolate beauty all its own. It's a work of art though. "[23], Talking about the characters in the film, Michôd said, "There is a strong sort of Asian flavour in the film, but I wanted it to feel like people have come from everywhere, from all corners of the world. My number 7 for 2014. YES, THERE ARE SPOILERS GALORE IN THIS REVIEW! The song at the very beginning was awesome and I loved the use of the pop song that Rey sang in his car right before the climax. Rover manages to chase off the wolves, and rallies the other farm dogs to get the injured Cal home. The only reason we knew it was some years after some unspecified apocalyptic event was that the screen told us in the beginning. Eric and Reynolds escape. "[62] Drew McWeeny of HitFix called the film "glacially paced and intentionally minimalistic. It's a serious film that doesn't care about having popular appeal. Anyway I thought it was an incredibly solid movie. I'll admit I don't watch a lot of Australian cinema. It did not. [6], Upon its Cannes premiere, the film received generally positive reviews, and Pearce and Pattinson's performances were highly appreciated. But always commanding attention at the film’s center is Pearce, who, under a taciturn demeanor, gives Eric all the cold-hearted remorselessness of a classic Western or film noir anti-hero who refuses to die before exacting vengeance for an unpardonable crime" and concluded that it is "An intense look into the near future, and it’s not good. The Rover begins with some wit and energy, as three men fresh from some bloody crime get into a ridiculous argument and crash their car right in front of Guy Pearce's character's car. [49][50] It became available for online streaming and digital download through iTunes and amazon on 23 August 2014 in United States. Privacy Policy. At first, Rocky is happy to see them, but then questions their presence in the first place. It is about a street dog named Rover, who is owned by a Las Vegas showgirl.Rover gets dumped off Hoover Dam by the showgirl's boyfriend. [7][8] It is a contemporary western taking place in the Australian outback, ten years after a global economic collapse. Eric tells the soldier that after finding his wife with another man, he killed them both; he is angry that the authorities seemed not to notice or care. Get the Rover Guarantee, 24/7 support, and reservation protection. "[25] Pattinson in an interview described the film that, "It's very existential. There was no suspense at all in the movie. Screened out of competition at the 67th Cannes Film Festival David Michôd's second feature The Rover is not as fascinating as his Oscar nominated Animal Kingdom. Sure, not all that original, but the directing is really strong, as is the acting, Robert Pattinson, in particular, really shines and the best I've ever seen him be. A lot of good movies get limited releases. But I am really, truly glad that I did. Without that scene the ending would have been lost. Yeah when that came on I was thinking what the Fuck and was half expecting the credits to roll. But THE ROVER has more in common with THE PROPOSITION; it's a distinctly brooding affair, gritty and somewhat nihilistic. The cinematography and musical score are very unique ! But if you're really willing to risk your own life and kill a half a dozen people just to bury your dog then there's some deeper problems there. Synopsis: 10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened loner pursues the men who stole his only possession, his car. It takes work to catch these, but it's worth it. Comes back and tells him to take the room in the back, which he knows is where his brother is, forcing the confrontation. Go here for information on those regulations. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Eric prepares to bury the dog in the desert. The pop song scene was so "What the F... " on the beginning and then i realized that was a radio song playing and i guess was like a way of showing how oblivious and indiferent the robert pattinson character was about what would happen. I loved the music in this film. Complete this form to learn more about our wholesale opportunities. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [43], With the announcement of the film's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, a full-length official trailer, along with two film posters featuring Pearce and Pattinson, were released on 17 April 2014. I don't get it. Following a botched bank robbery a man's car is stolen. Eventually both hold each other at gunpoint, with Henry not understanding why his brother wants to kill him and at the same time Reynolds accusing his brother of letting him die. Rover has difficulty adjusting to life on the farm, but with the help of Daisy, a beautiful collie next door, and the other dogs on the farm, he succeeds in earning their trust. Dystopian future or post-apocalyptic movies kind of blend together after you've seen a lot of them. In fact it is one of the worst screenplays I have ever encountered. FAQ the need for human connection. After another confrontation with the opium den's owner, he walks back to his truck and finds Reynolds, who asks why he is in Henry's car. It is a dark, bleak, mature , violent film yet it is uncompromising and unflinching in the way it tells its tale.I found it to be a blend of Mad Max, Drive, Apocalypse Now, and Of Mice and Men. My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Thermal Tumbler, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' & 'I Work Hard' Sticker Set, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Mug - 15 oz, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Coaster - Set of 4. Danny informs Rover of his trip back to Las Vegas and he departs the farm. Amongst all the bleakness of the post-collapse world, it hints of the elements of hope, faith, and love.

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