Hi I am a student Persuing a second degree which is a 5 year course.

In terms of adequate accommodation, my parents live in a 4 bedrooms house and housing benefits is paying the rent and they agreed for me, wife and daughter to live with them, what evidence do I need to provide to the ECO.

Hi, I am applying for my wife’s UK spouse visa. Problem is my fiancee has an old p60 of 2018 but didnt reach 18,600. Her salary will be above the minimum required. (3 of 3), Entering the UK as a Spouse of a Settled Person (Entry Clearance). Does my husband need to sign the Declaration for spouses, civil partners, proposed civil finances, and unmarried partners form from the Home Office?

Can I send in the bank statements and payslips that correlate over 7 months?

It would be most helpful if I could get an answer for this. Thanks, Hello Do let us know if you need assistance once the decision is made.
I’m intending to apply for the fiance visa this year and am unsure whether I’ll need to apply under category A or category F to meet the financial requirements. It would be part of your genuine relationship evidence, so providing you have submitted sufficient details of this overall you should be fine. Hi My spouse visa is expiring on the 15th of June, my concern is, given the current situation, will I be able to apply for an extension?

And they told us that we have to wait until April 2020. Unless she is in receipt of more than £18,600 whilst training, then you would need to wait until she had six months payslips. Please see the guidance which confirms this: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/826340/Appendix-FM-1-7-Financial-Requirement-ext_1.pdf, Hello, I have all the requirements and even the 12 months payslips for the whole 2019 it is beyong 18,600 butmy solicitor here is telling me we cant apply yet because I need a p60 and p60 wont be release til april. Country: USA.

@Ida it is fine to submit seven months payslips and bank statements, this won’t cause a problem. Please note that if you plan to have a ceremony in the US as well as the UK we would advise bypassing the fiancee visa as this saves on Home Office fees. During my visits we haven’t taken much pictures apart from the ones we took in our wedding. @Amanda, thanks for your comments. @Rachael, the form you need to complete can be found here https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk/apply-visa-type/appendixfm?_ga=2.5180019.1704800876.1574415034-1614929686.1490876542. My husband’s a UK citizen with a salary of exactly £18,600 which he has made for 10 months). @Ian, it will not strengthen the application in any way to show additional savings. I am currently on a Tier 4 student visa. Do I need to send the declaration for spouse form to the home office before my appointment.

@Carrie, you are wise to be wary of evidencing the financial requirement through self employment – this is a minefield.

Article published (or last modified) on 11 July 2019.

11 mistakes that can get your visa denied. @Anna, the legislation states that payslips and bank statements must be provided for the same period as the CT600 and the guidance does not suggest what to do if the employment has been in operation for a shorter period. @Robin this will be fine. Thank you. If I let my T2 visa expire in March and stay in the UK until we have reached the 2 years in April will that have any impact on my application?

To show your UK accommodation a letter from your relatives will be sufficient. I wondered if the Home Office would view an application more favourably if both sponsor and applicant have assets. I have been working for 7 months and so have 7 payslips as well.

Later Company arranged COS and got work permit for me. Thank you. Thanks in advance. Unfortunately, if you have been married or had children with someone else previously, you must declare this, and the question of who has parental responsibility for the child can affect your chances of obtaining your visa. @Jac, you would need to start researching this before you move back and provide formal evidence of your attempts, eg email enquiries to schools, job hunting, contacting rental agencies or estate agencies.

Hello, I am a US citizen living in the US, and recently got married to my partner who is a British national lives in the UK. Thanks, KT. I am stuck that I do not have a tenancy agreement, could you please advise me on way forward, as it is requirement to have one. So can I use the same number while filling the application or there is also an option to choose ‘ I don’t have any of the above number’? It may be possible to meet the financial requirement in July however if your girlfriend is returning to the UK from abroad. @Nicolas, this will not be sufficient unfortunately. will they judge us or our relationship?

(b) a signed contract of employment, which must have a starting date within 3 months of your return to the UK. This would mean that the most recent six months payslips show that he meets the financial requirement. My husband and I were nearly submitting the application for our UK marriage visa this month, but as he is a sole trader, his solicitor said that his bank transferring between his biz acc and personal acc are not physically appeared. We could get married officially before the application or get fiancee visa? However you can simply write a covering letter to explain this error. I already have a 5 years visit visa and currently in uk, as my 7 year old son as started school here. I don’t want to extend the visa as it’s a highly stressful job but my partner and I will not have been living together for 2 years until mid April 2020.

Thanks so much. Firstly, thank you for providing such an approachable and professional service. Will this be enough as proof of income, even though she won’t have 6 months worth of payslips? I would like to apply as early as possible in order to book flights and be able to confirm that the wedding’s able to go ahead so that other family members can make their plans.

Please suggest. Supportive Letters from friends and family. The way in which is evidence this can be complicated and expert advice should be obtained.

If this is the case, how can we ensure that the visa is approved in time so Amanda can travel here before our wedding day?

Her family moved to South Africa when she was 3 and she has been back periodically for holidays and working for 4 months in 2014.

A partnership or franchise agreement signed by the relevant parties to the agreement.

My problem is that my bank statements cover a period from April 2019- December 2019 which is more than 6 months. Fiancé Visa Granted: 09-10-2020. If you can show this then there is no need to show any employment. Hi again iam very confused on my spouse visa application i forgot to write the first letter of my wifes passport it is a letter P005….. instead i wrote 0055…. Where there is income or cash savings in different foreign currencies, each will be converted into pounds sterling before being added together, and then added to any UK income or savings to give a total amount. A personal loan will not affect the application – you meet the financial requirement as you earn over £18,600.

Straight away he received a letter from the home office to reconsider the decision but he the decision has not be made yet. It was fully discharged in 2017.

Can that be proof to show financial subsistence (where I can provide payslips) when I apply for a spouse visa to meet financial requirements that am earning over £18,500 as I will be earning way over that threshold- Will payslips do?

Just feeling conflicted.

Wishing you all the best with the application! Your wife is eligible to claim housing benefit but she will need to show income of £18,600.

I want to know what documents I need to submit to support my other reasons to stay in the Uk
Also, can we use a temporary accomodation of a friend to fill in the three weeks? I have been told different things. Hi, I am about to submit my application for the fiancé visa but the landlord at my fiancé’s apartment is being difficult and won’t give me a letter saying I can stay.

Things changed on her side recently so she could relocate permanently. The Difference between the Start-up and Innovator UK Immigration Routes, Global Talent Visa: Documents and Other Basics. I live in a 3 bed house with my parents will this suffice for fulfillment of the accomadation criteria. Proof of having children together (birth certificate). Upload documents: 15-8-2020.

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